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  1. I can get behind a good NPO and IRON rolling.. down with those monsters!!
  2. Where would be the fun in that? Also, complements to TOP for living up to the legend.
  3. So.. um.. bendover or run away.. You will find that some people don't find either option acceptable. I remember a time when fighting against the odds to defend your alliance was considered an honorable act by many in IRON, I hope that hasn't changed.
  4. No Kurd, No Nuwen.. Obviously you guys are up to something.
  5. I have absolutely no reason to doubt it. The response was only intended for an illogical opinion of a loud mouth in an otherwise great alliance. Thanks for reminding me that you are just an attention whore..
  6. I eagerly await your posts regarding the god king and your understanding of the works of Sun Tzu. Btw, do you speak for RIA? Cuz that would mean that I need to seriously reconsider my opinions. Also, did RIA approve all the attacks that were done on R&R in the disorder war?
  7. o/ IRON You get to fight Sparta and I am stuck fighting people I kinda like.
  8. Its a PIAT.. look around and you will see numerous MDPs and higher treaties being ignored. This isn't the first time it has happened and I can assure you that it certainly wont be the last.
  9. Are you literally asking for aid from IRON on OWF? Stop trying to make RIA look bad. RIA has tons of allies and if needed, I am sure most of us will be happy to lend a hand.
  10. How did this become a Mogar v IRON thread? Best of luck to AB.. burn Sparta to the ground.
  11. I hope there would be some comics about this :P Best of luck Argent!!
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