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  1. Oh look, the two worst alliances in the game just signed a treaty. How precious.
  2. Nice, did this suggestion finally change Admin's mind? :P
  3. This is, hands, down, the best thread the OWF has seen in a long time. Each of Dajobo's points are viable, apart from the war chests, which nobody would be willing to get rid of. I personally would be willing to help compile a list of alliance descriptions as he pointed out. I might have missed the reasoning, but why can't two plus nations on the same IP not play the game if they do not aid, trade, war, not in same alliance etc. or interact with each other in any way?
  4. Every major alliance is trying to turn their members into killing machines, but the pervasive trend you mentioned here continues. All that effort goes into fighting another alliance most of your members don't even hate for 2-3 months. I thought the RS-Guinness war had great potential for drama until the Guinness/NSF side fell apart a day in.
  5. Hm yeah I didn't notice that until just now haha. It wasn't mean to be sarcastic though, just so you know GeniusInc. :)
  6. Keep up the good work Genius, these news reports are amazing.
  7. We're more than a 4 man alliance you know!
  8. Given their actions to almost every other non-allied alliance at the time, that was a pretty stupid expectation to have.
  9. I can't remember exactly what the margin was. AFAIK the IAA had no rules as to how much majority a decision needed to pass. GATO fell under viceroyship for a year, and would have remained for longer if not for the Karma War.
  10. IAA was a great alliance with an even great greater, close-knit community, and the only reason it died was due to its MDP with GATO, and the fact that NPO wished to kill two birds with one stone in that war. Tywin: No worries mate. I don't wish to get involved in your feud with Starfox right now since I like and respect both of you. I only wish to give facts wherever I remember them (which is few now, unfortunately).
  11. To be fair, the entire IAA did vote to disband as well. Yes, this is coming from somebody who was also in the IAA at that time.
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