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  1. Mandrivia_2

    the dog food video

    I know he did it of his own, still feel sorry for him. If an alliance asked me to eat dog food in order to join, I would have told themem to get lost. A little self respect may go a long way in playing this game. I'd also like to add that he probably should have posted it in a private area...
  2. Mandrivia_2

    the dog food video

    I truly feel sorry for whoever this was. The OOC/IC should never mix in this way.
  3. Mandrivia_2

    Coup bad. Raid good.

    So you guys had no backup plan if a leader went inactive? This failed worse than DRN. Far worse. Nevertheless, good luck in the future.
  4. Kiloist | NPL is just retards.

  5. Is Ivan still kicking around?
  6. You're crying foul that this was a war of revenge when you yourselves started GW3 just to get revenge for the first Great "Patriotic" War? Not to mention all the other wars? The effort in this piece was good, substance was lacking.
  7. This might have some truth it were it not for the fact YOU FORCED GATO NATIONS OUT OF PEACE MODE IN THE GATO-1V WAR. Congratulations on being the biggest hypocrites the cyberverse has seen.
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