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  1. Mandrivia_2

    the dog food video

    I know he did it of his own, still feel sorry for him. If an alliance asked me to eat dog food in order to join, I would have told themem to get lost. A little self respect may go a long way in playing this game. I'd also like to add that he probably should have posted it in a private area...
  2. Mandrivia_2

    the dog food video

    I truly feel sorry for whoever this was. The OOC/IC should never mix in this way.
  3. So you guys had no backup plan if a leader went inactive? This failed worse than DRN. Far worse. Nevertheless, good luck in the future.
  4. Kiloist | NPL is just retards.

  5. Is Ivan still kicking around?
  6. I'm your man, here's my link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=258560 I'll buy long term, I've sent you the $3 million already.
  7. In desperate need of a new trade circle! Team: Black (willing to change!!) Nation Name: Akmolia National Leader: Mamaev ii Link to Nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=258560 Your Resources: Fish and Lumber Needed Resources: Any, I just need a good trade circle with good bonus resources If you have an opening in your circle for me, please let me know asap!
  8. shoutout to New Celtia (Rorick) If you can see this buddy, just know in your heart I actually love you.
  9. Looks like the shining light of Pacifica has guided people into delusions thinking that the world is older than 3 years old, at which point nothing existed before the Almighty Kevin created Bob. And How can you even claim to want peace when all you have ever sought is war? Not like I'm really complaining but all you're really doing is using your 'Order' as propaganda, which means nothing at all.
  10. How can a government last 6 years when our great Planet Bob has only lasted for 3? Are you possibly delusional? (Yes, I'm aware of the other game. No, I don't see how it relates to CN.)
  11. Not like I really want you to. These are public forums and I will express my opinion if I wish. If you don't like it, cry in the corner.
  12. Good to see an end of terms that isn't a lovefest/some treaty signing. I didn't think IRON would change much actually. Locking back on IRON before allying itself to NPO, it truly is sad to see much this alliance has slid.
  13. While I won't get into my own personally feelings about the NPO (I"m sure I've made those clear in other places) I will say that this recent war was almost entirely of their own doing. The countless "curbstomps" if you will seems to have given NPO a feeling of invincibility (as made clearer by some member's posts on the BBs) and thus did not expect to ever be on the losing side of this conflict. Now there probably are many arguments against this theory, but to me, this is what it seemed like. Nothing is permanent, especially on an online simulation game.
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