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  1. What ED said, you'd think this would be a dead issue by now. Everyone already knows TLR refers to The Last Republic. If it does turn out to be a rouge TLR'er messing with your wiki please let us know and we will take care of the problem for you. No one should be messing with anyone's wiki page, that's just lame.
  2. lol yeah it hard, but the npo's have worked it out so we should be able to
  3. You've been unbanned now, it was getting outta hand on both sides (including us) so I just wanted to end it
  4. Bottom line is we were here 1st, you guys stole our acronym, and feel that just because you have more NS then us means you can keep it. It's like the bully who came to the play ground and took the sand box from the other kids who were playing in it. Nice to know we matter so much to you though. Most alliances your size would say we don't matter and wouldn't even bother talking to us let alone posting a blog about us. Thanks for the free publicity
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