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    Since I'm stuck in the city it's tech (networking and programming), and photography. However, my true loves are hunting, Fishing, Backpacking, Ice-Fishing, and Snowmobiling.

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  1. Confirmed for moon 100%, lat=-34&lon=145
  2. [code]Color: Purple [url="http://www.thelastrepublic.net"]The Last Republic[/url] (TLR) - #lastrepublic[/code] Posting to update our URL
  3. lon=-155&lat=-5.99999999 yeilds 100%
  4. [quote name='Lord Boris' timestamp='1323040599' post='2862722'] I would enjoy it a lot more if Stockhunter would come out of peace mode and use some of that massive multi-billion warchest he gloats about to gain about 10k or so and declare on me so I could smack him around some. [color="#FF0000"][b]*Lord Boris[/b] is approached by a shady figure who pulls out a document from an envelope and hands it to him. Lord Boris glances down.[/color] [color="#FF0000"][b]*Lord Boris[/b] continues to skim down the page...[/color] [color="#FF0000"][b]*Lord Boris[/b] puts the document away and
  5. [quote name='Heft' timestamp='1322898985' post='2860405'] My reasons for leaving had nothing to do with whatever grievances you feel you have. I felt at the time that IRON was one of the best alliances around and in good hands and still feel that way today. I would never have left if I had doubted the ability of the people I was leaving behind. It's still pretty much the only foreign forum I bother to ever check. [/quote] [quote]However since you were so high up I suspect your lips were sore.[/quote]
  6. [quote name='Heft' timestamp='1322897760' post='2860389'] If you like I'll call Rab arrogant. But he's actually earned it. You're just annoying, and making it abundantly clear to everyone here why you were unable to rise any higher than you did within IRON. [/quote] Yeah real clear, you don't move up unless you kiss up too a council member. Hard work clearly has NOTHING to do with moving up. I would suspect you had similar issues because you left the presidency to make an alliance. However since you were so high up I suspect your lips were sore.
  7. Ah, I'll get called arrogant yet when MCRABT, the IRON president, derails The Last Republic's threads you say nothing. Kudos
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