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  1. You missed Poppa Clam's departure by just a few months. I was never associated with GOLD but he always spoke of it very proudly.
  2. This is late, but... in my experience, I think the odds of all damages achieving max effectiveness tend to increase proportionally with the size of your nation. I think the rule is that underdogs have a chance to occur with any attack below 15%; but how often they occur most probably deoends on NS (tech/infra). At 4000 NS / 1k infra, I can attack with tiny odds every day for a month and never once get the underdog bonus. When I was 30k NS / 5k infra I got underdog maybe 50% of the time. But past 100,000 NS, you guys should expect to be seeing underdog damage with almost every low-o
  3. All hail Rebel Virginia, true sovereign of Blue.
  4. An interesting choice. I remember the first coming of Doom Squad was in many respects equally swift and discreet as Doom Kingdom's departure presently seems, just like the sudden appearance and growth of DBDC. But Doomsphere's membership is well-connected, and I feel as though Planet Bob hasn't felt the last of its collective influence. Until your next adventure, enjoy the peace of the shadows.
  5. HEADLINE: Facebook Harbors Underground Sorcery Cell! BUENOS AIRES - Late last evening, the PolicĂ­a Federal Argentina stormed the home of eccentric art collector and multi-billionaire Zos Kia on suspicion of collaborating with an international gold-smuggling syndicate posing as a small online community of amateur alchemists. Further investigation suggests there is also a close connection to another online organization called CyberNations, known as a meeting ground for an elite but reclusive community of political theorists and former government officials from around the world. "We've been obs
  6. I think the issue most people have with social media (and the internet in general), rather than being "these other people are so happy and I am jealous," is actually that "these people are all so depressed and it is depressing me." The web is by far the most popular outlet for mankind to express its social despondency, often with far more frustration and emotion than we ever display in real life. I personally enjoy being able to observe prosperity and happiness in others, just to strengthen my hope that maybe the world isn't universally as bad as I think it is. So if all one's friends on Fac
  7. I guess spongebob could have been a *STATIC SOUND* First Class before mako poisoning made him lose his memory and turned him into a sponge. I mean, Hojo made plenty of weirder creatures than that. That is what ultimately drove Sephiroth insane. "Am I... am I the same as these... monsters?!"
  8. Perhaps he made the mistake of connecting his email to his cell and got buzzed when someone declared war on him. "Who is texting you honey?" "N... nobody. Wrong number." "You're seeing someone aren't you!" "I... uh... that's right! I'm cheating on you! (Ha! She'll never know the truth!)"
  9. 8 years of midnight vigils and confession every Sunday. But I still feel like a young lad of 2.
  10. Your honor, My client would like to plead non compus mentus, and apologizes to your habeus, and your corpus.
  11. Outside of the small realism factor, apparently it is intended to promote users logging in. But obviously it didn't work in your case. :P It might be easier for players to understand if admin altered it so that we had to pay a higher interest penalty on our bills (remove the 5000 cap) rather than a lien on our income. It makes sense for creditors to charge interest on debts, but not so much for a creditor to interfere with a nation's actual revenue collections. I can picture private collections agencies kicking in the doors of the IRS to repossess their office furniture... :v:
  12. No need for regicide. The uncivilized age when a nation's citizenry would rise up to execute their sovereign after neglecting his duties of government for 25 days are in the past. In the modern era, societies watch over their nations in their leader's absence, very often inviting him to return to power to quickly restore all the wonders of their past civilization. :P We all look forward to seeing you again when your mind has been refreshed from all the stresses of your long and storied service on Planet Bob. Good luck on your journey, and thanks again.
  13. We're all going to Disney Land!
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