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  1. HEADLINE: Facebook Harbors Underground Sorcery Cell! BUENOS AIRES - Late last evening, the PolicĂ­a Federal Argentina stormed the home of eccentric art collector and multi-billionaire Zos Kia on suspicion of collaborating with an international gold-smuggling syndicate posing as a small online community of amateur alchemists. Further investigation suggests there is also a close connection to another online organization called CyberNations, known as a meeting ground for an elite but reclusive community of political theorists and former government officials from around the world. "We've been observing their activity for some time via their online meetings, usually conducted through Facebook" discloses Special Investigator Hector Eduardo of the PFA. "It's just lucky we caught them, as there has been a big move away from social media since the last study released by Dr. Shabazz [professor of sociology at CNU]." Police have declined to comment on the findings of their most recent raid, but witnesses at the scene report seeing a large collection of very old books whose bindings were sealed with symbols difficult to describe. Last nights raids follow a series of mysterious disappearances at art galleries around the country.
  2. I think the issue most people have with social media (and the internet in general), rather than being "these other people are so happy and I am jealous," is actually that "these people are all so depressed and it is depressing me." The web is by far the most popular outlet for mankind to express its social despondency, often with far more frustration and emotion than we ever display in real life. I personally enjoy being able to observe prosperity and happiness in others, just to strengthen my hope that maybe the world isn't universally as bad as I think it is. So if all one's friends on Facebook are happy people, thank God for small blessings. But unfortunately, the testimony of social media, far from being "everyone on earth is happier than me!", is actually that the majority of humans are miserable, and everyone on the internet literally debates about which human being is more miserable than another. So yes... if all one's virtual friends on social media do nothing but link to upsetting news stories and express their opinions of the world's hopelessness, taking a break from Facebook can be a very good idea. Not watching news channels is also advisable (because those are deliberately designed to excite people for ratings). But ultimately, while the stressed individual is taking his "media break," he also needs to find that "Answer" which allows him to maintain his hope in the face of the depressing influence of the society around him; because nobody can run forever, and eventually we all have to make our mark on the earth. I have personally never used Facebook or Twitter... but I've been on the internet long enough to know what people mean when they say social media is depressing. I mean... look at the Boiler Room.
  3. We're all going to Disney Land!
  4. If we knew what the point of the game was, we would also know the meaning of life. I think many of us feel compelled to congratulate you on one of the most successful web enterprises planned and designed in a week, and probably requiring an absolute minimum of investment, regardless of its present and future state. Your idea hit the internet with perfect timing, as browser-based interest and technology were still on their upswing, and after ten years you have the distinct privilege among humans of being able to say that something you created was able to capture the dreams and emotions of hundreds of thousands of people (even if only a fraction of the whole 600k were devoted players). Even now, in what some would consider a much more "high-tech" era of the internet, former players and numerous competitors continue to mimic the CN idea (with only small alterations); and whatever CN's future might be, its legends and adventures have left a permanent mark on the lives of many. So treat yourself to a dinner on us, and raise a toast to eternity. Only ten more years to go.
  5. Enjoy your time away from the office. Somehow being obligated to log on and do something each day makes it seem less enjoyable even if you normally log on every day anyway.
  6. This is the form of greeting I chose for the introduction of the new Millenial Carol booklet."It's beginning to look a lot like... some... thing... Everywhere you roam. Everybody shops at the mall, to celebrate "AfterFall" Why even try to find a 'Why?' at all?"
  7. Yeah, but that guy didn't have $200 shoes. (Say the running companies ) I do the Detroit marathon every year, though I scarcely ever get better at it. Ironically I got my best time after doing no training at all for half a year prior, because apparently I tend to try too hard, and doing too much will hurt you more than doing too little. Two or three years ago, feeling energetic, I went to the front of the line just to see how long I could keep up with the leaders. Hung in there for three miles, then they blew away, I went overboard trying to rehydrate myself, got nauseous, and took a nap for about an hour on the side of the course. Some women spotted me and reported to the EMS volunteers that they saw a dead man on the side of the road. After questioning me to confirm my sanity and several assurances that I wasn't dying, one that lived on that road offered to let me rest in his home (which was both kind and hilarious). But after talking for thirty minutes I jumped back up and managed to finish shortly before the last chance bus. So all things considered you did pretty well! Congratulations on your second.
  8. For a moment I thought you completed an iron man triathlon in a dress and high heels... you probably would have gotten some news coverage.
  9. The best things in life are free; but you can give 'em to the birds and bees! I need... pixels (that's what I want).
  10. I am partial to sour cream as a dip. It goes on everything. From potatoes to pork chops.
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