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  1. Edjaal

    The Closing of the Cupcakery

    This lack of Delta disturbs me.
  2. [quote name='Lord Boris' timestamp='1333342069' post='2947172'] I see possible backlash in [s]RIA's[/s]ShadowSlayer's future... [/quote] As former HoIA, I feel the need to correct you, kind sir. [s]Notice how he's hiding everywhere now.[/s] :ninja:
  3. Edjaal

    Four Years Going Wrong

    Sell some tech. >_>
  4. Edjaal

    News From Yesterday

    [quote name='Crazyman93' timestamp='1313379641' post='2781095'] [size="4"]This is a great idea, people will see it every day and re-[/size] What? No one reads the forums regularly unless there's a huge war going on or about to start? Oh... So what's this for again? [/quote] You found it, apparently? Anyways I think this is a good idea, if it takes off and gets pinned then I'll use it all the time. I mostly lurk these boards anyways and an index topic such as this would be helpful to people like me who don't come around these parts often and wants to know whats current.
  5. Edjaal

    Nuclear Insanity

    congrats to all parties NPL is a fun group.
  6. Edjaal

    Declaration of Reformation

    Welcome back, MA. Glad to see your flag up again.
  7. Edjaal

    RIA Announcement

    I accept this and tip my hate to you, kind sir. edit2: no wait, the first time was right.
  8. Edjaal

    Coalition of Dark States Reformation

    I recognize my newly elected office, and I agree, Rambo, dropped the ball on Mogar getting there, I should have learned not to let him be HoR. This victory over my esteemed opponent shall mark the dawn of a new age of RIA, a dawn of- wait, I'm not FA, damn you Leo. Oh well, it happens.
  9. Edjaal

    Declaration of Reexistance

    [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1305515661' post='2712623'] [b]You can try deny it, but you will lack of arguments to support your opinion.[/b] See replies to my posts above, when people start to use "do something about it" and "might makes right" arguments is like a confession of guilty. Also the fact that life is unfair doesn't should make us give up of try to make this become at least, less unfair. [/quote] You'll have to ask the former members of Grem who are now taking back their alliance about that, you're right I don't have the facts to debate this, so I will not try. I'm looking at it as an outside.
  10. Edjaal

    Declaration of Reexistance

    [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1305513596' post='2712593'] Those members who were actually using Grämlins AA thought that Ramirus was good enough to chose AND keep him as a leader, and said members are the only opinion that really matter. IF all cyberverse decides that the leaders of RIA are bad, will you accept that someone coup them? What is happening here is one more case where those suffering the injustices are pariahs and nobody really cares about what happen to them, I doubt that would happen in a well connected alliance or to a well liked player. In fact I'm losing my time arguing here, since I speak about what is right and wrong and what is fair and unfair when nobody in this world care about justice or fairness. [/quote] Why are those members the only ones who's opinion's matter? If the cyberverse decided RIA was bad, and tried to coup them, I may or may not oppose it, depends on the situation, the situation in Grem was bad enough for the old members to "take back what is theirs." If it was a situation similar to that, if RIA's leadership was leading us so deep in the crudpile, I would probably support that coup, as long as it was done by members who were or are RIA, not by outsiders. The ones suffering injustices are suffering them because they burned their bridges, made stupid judgement calls and made themselves not popular. I'm sorry this discussion is wasting your time, I'm just trying to be a devil's advocate to you and your outcry against the injustices. And as respectfully as I can ask this, who are you to declare what is right or wrong, fair/unfair? Also an old adage that parents regularly tell their kids, "Life is not fair."
  11. Edjaal

    Declaration of Reexistance

    [quote name='Ada069' timestamp='1305512040' post='2712576'] I disagree with the word Coup. Coup is about replacing the Government with a new one. We aren't replacing the Government, we are replacing the AA. Taking over it, making changes to the existing way things are done and implementing our own. Its a Revolution. [/quote] Well... you kind of are replacing the Government if you're replacing EVERYTHING about the alliance... revolution's usually have a coup as part of them at some point in time.
  12. Edjaal

    Declaration of Reexistance

    [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1305511350' post='2712557'] I hope we can all remember that alliances are supporting a coup against a democratic alliance. I remember well what they said, get Ram out of power according to their charter would be wrong, but coup him after being away from the alliance for years is the right thing to do... [/quote] Was what Ram did to Gramlins right in the first place? This is one of those cases where two wrongs CAN make a right, I figure we can sit back, let them do what they're doing, and if we don't like it, we can, as Crymson so eloquently put, "Do something about it." At the current moment, they are "doing something about it" in regards to having left their home. Sometimes a broken system can't be fixed from inside, but needs to be fixed from outside, by people who used to be insiders.
  13. Edjaal

    Declaration of Reexistance

    [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1305507719' post='2712503'] So this is nothing more than a coup made by those who leaved Grämlins and let the alliance be destroyed by Ramirus, but now those people are now coming back because they are bored and decided steal the AA for them? I really don't understand how so many alliances are supporting a blatant coup like this one, well I can wonder why... [/quote] Hi D34th, secondly they left their alliance because they couldn't get Ram out of power according to their charter. I think, I was never a Gremlins member but I think I remember hearing about it, correct me if I'm wrong. Was the Gremlins under Ram doing anything worthwhile? I heard rumors of their death and unimportance. Anyways, I approve of these new changes to Gremlins, it might be the paradoxian in me happy for the alliance which was one of TOP's closest allies for trying to get their own stuff together, rather than sticking in other alliances and not being fully content there. The reason I, for one, appreciate this "blatant coup" is because it is a coup for the better. Even if it ultimately ends with the death of the alliance, which I doubt it will, with such a strong government and new founding members, it is thousands times better than what Crymson calls the "Ramlins". So I hope you guys last long and don't get too much grief about how you decide to go about this. Good Luck.
  14. Edjaal

    Citrus Exchange

    So basically.. the CTC... not even on different forums... but just worse than what the CTC used to be.... ?