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Brief Announcement from Umbrella


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Pursuant to our lovely treaty with The Order of the Paradox, Umbrella recognizes a state of hostilities with RnR

Signed for Umbrella,
Daikos, President
domisi, VP 
Raken, Envoy
DylanCarter, Diplomatic Person
WhiteMajik, War Envoy
JoshuaR, Field Marshal
Roquentin, War Economist
Martikora, Generator
Storm, Stormy Things
Zerileous, uhh who's that guy?
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Seeing as we had been declaring war, it made sense to post this. 


Have fun out there, Umbrella.


LOL nice edit Zer.

Also I mean to quote the TOP post about lapdogs showing RnR why they didn't need to come out of PM, but I didn't, and I'm lazy enough in all matters not to bother now.

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