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  1. The idea that "we're the only ones who play anyway so if we ally ally up that should motivate those not in the cool kids club to actually do something" is laughable. It would take no less than the entire sum of non direct Oculus nations in order to even begin to challenge that grouping. If we take into account the grocery list of secondary allies tied to Oculus, it is impossible. What was the thinking, that every non Oculus ally of theirs would drop their treaty instantly when they saw they were relegated to lackey tier? That would put them equal to or even less in standing that MI6 is/was. Were they supposed to keep their treaties with Oculus but start to move away? Apparently not, TPF tried to do that and they were instantly rolled into oblivion. Justifying the existence of Oculus other than the literal death of the game is a fruitless task because thats just what it is. There is no politiking that can be made, CN today is not CN in 08 and trying to based arguments off of that premise has no standing whatsoever. The environments are too different. Yet, certain members of Oculus seem content to pat themselves on the back for what was their monumental task of allying all of the political players together. Doing this while criticizing the rest of the population for not challenging them. Good job guys, you did it. Turn off them lights when you're done.
  2. Or that 75 could do something to put themselves in a position to recieve the tangible benefits. I's say it would be an incentive to log in again.
  3. So I logged in today coming out of hibernation and my nation had 82 days of bills stacked. Include the where, when, and how you encountered the bug. Provide links or screen shots when necessary. Where- My nation. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=504308 When- Today, when I logged on. How- I have no clue I don't know if that's supposed to be a thing, but if it is. Then I'll prolly end up deleting and not bothering to make a new one. If not, some help would be appreciated.
  4. Sounds like the worst M. Night Shamalama movie to date.
  5. I like the cut of your jib GI. People are talking about a potential split in the previous coalition for a reason. Because, it always happens to the overwhelming Hegemony. WUT fell apart in the Unjust War, Q fell apart in the lead-up to Karma, MK had a core and ended up rolling every section of their coalition who wasn't in it, treatying enemies along the way either by proxy or directly. . When there is no legitimate opposition, the winners make one up in themselves. You can be sure the topic of an eventual war between the alliances that made up the previous coalition is taking place in high government comms across Bob. If not, you're already behind the eight ball.
  6. What if sanctioned alliances had more pronounced in game advantages.
  7. This actually sounds pretty fun.
  8. Plenty of people have been convicted purely based on circumstantial evidence :P. I for one, believe Bob needs more clandestine operations.
  9. That's great, I agree with Daimos that CN needs more Youtube videos. Maybe that could be a creative outlet for people to explore. You should stop by the place Chax. Say hello to the folks and all.
  10. This is great we need more of this pls. Also, hi Chax.
  11. Well, this is a thing. I wonder who's idea it was to make a huge power bloc to put a nice bow on things. Also, if I'm gonna be honest, not really liking the theme :/
  12. Good lookin gents.
  13. This is good. This is very good. I wonder if we'll be invited to this new 0n3 V1S10N
  14. That FEAR treaty makes a lot of sense now eh? :D Now we can have that threesome. Congratz.
  15. I'm having some withdraw symptoms from lack of my hardcore fix.
  16. Wasn't UCR the alliance who bailed on their allies on the eve of war? Doomsquad is cool but if the former is the case this is a poor decision.
  17. Have to wonder if this signals the end for XX. Kudos for making stuff happen, lets see if you can follow up.
  18. CG based theme is win. Congratz and good luck fellas.
  19. This is easily the best thing on the OWF, well done sir.
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