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War shout outs


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With so much butthurt everywhere recently, I thought putting up this topic would be a good idea. Pretty sure it was done before. Just to give a shout out to the opponents you faced, either because you were impressed by their fighting ability or generally witty war time banter. 


Over at UPN our guys have payed out alot of compliments to Steve Buscemi.


And from my personal experience, it was fun getting wrecked by Sunny Side King :P

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Shoutout to leeguy. we made an irc channel #leeguy when planning to hit you. managed to mess up at least two sets of the attacks :P


You still owe me  a surrender sir

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Goodness, how is it that we forgot to make one of these threads? Pull yourself together, CN.

Shout-outs to:
rotty of invicta
allycowie of CCC
NeoNation of CCC
Boucher of CCC

For all collectively coordinating on me and pulling off attacks within a 2 minute window. You all have managed to ZI me within the first week of war, kudos.

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Zetsumi was a fun guy to fight.  By the end of the fight he got his update defenses down pretty nice including a mid-attack defcon change. 


JoshuaR and the other Umb/TOP/VE folks did a very good job coordinating as well in round 1.  I can't say I've ever had as much as an F5'ing good time with them.


I think this as been the most fun I've had in war.  Rivaling only the UJP war.  It's been many years since I've been dogpiled at my NS range.  Last war it wasn't a hard fight for us 150K+ NS nations.

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Shoutout to DeadpanPanda of Dark Templar, Most people don't continue the fight when they're fighting a nuclear opponent. The guy lost a lot of money from my DAs, GAs, Level 9 Planes, and all but he has the morale of a Lion. From my spy reports he lost a good 40-60m and he's still fighting back with everything he has despite his losses. On top of all that, the guy had no war experience and never read a guide. He taught himself how to cause 800 NS of damage to a nuclear armed opponent, and of course that's not from just Cruise Missiles. That doesn't seem impressive to most of you high NS nations, but damn it is and was to me.


EDIT: He is also a very loyal member of his alliance, only being there for 60 days. That shouldn't go unmentioned.

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