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  1. Ah, that was an interesting time. Surprised people remember that. šŸ˜‚
  2. This game still exists? Wow, Iā€™m impressed guys.
  3. You are this guy in a monkey suit that other people kick and use as a projectile to destroy other players. Really, I have no idea either. But if Roquentin ever tells you to sit outside the ropes, you may want to get ready. Welp, in that case I may have to leave you as the true Nature Boy. You are JTG from Cryme Tyme, the only true thug in CN. You've been making it rain since after I was making it rain, which is for a very long time. I'll leave this one to Rey. He is begging you. Because commies can only be commies. It's just science my friend. You are...the one and only....SHOCKMASTER! You're a sith who loves Ponies, it's only fitting you wear a glitter stormtrooper hat and destroy walls (mostly). You are Mark Henry, the world's strongest man. Anytime anyone has ever even thought about body slamming you, the entirety of CN will collapse from all the shedding of Umbrella tech hitting the server.
  4. Donkey Kong and the premier military power in an alternate universe. I can dig it.
  5. You are Nikolai Volkoff, the angriest of all the angry commies. Stay red, not dead. Ric Flair is taken! You are Zeb Colter, the biased, jingoistic, and quite offensive manager. But hey, you can cut one hell of a promo. You are Bobby the body Lashley. More dangerous than a freight train, and more intense than camping. However you can not cut a promo to save your life, pass the mic to Zeb. Given that you are apparently an "incapable retard", it's only fitting that you are Bastion Booger! Known best for eating raw hot dogs and the skimpy getup possibly made out of tin foil, you are forever remembered by the masses. Given that I am fairly certain this is the guy in your avatar, you are certainly Big Bully Busick. A Pacifican, and an old fashioned browbeater, you are unrivaled in your similarities to the original mustached bully. Big Show lost to Floyd Mayweather. lol. Also, I am Chris Jericho. Everyone knows this. I invented knowing this.
  6. Hey to be fair, I'm sure none of the people here look like Ultimate Warrior, Seth Rollins, etc
  7. Damn, sorry! I skipped you because I thought we all knew and accepted it - you are Booker T. Tell me, he did not just say that! What da hale, Starfox101! Oh MY GOODNESS! If you didn't read all of that in Booker T's voice, you are no longer Booker T. You are none other than the Ultimate Warrior. You were big time back in the day, but kind of faded due to a lack of interest. However you are a Hall of Famer and a good interview. (That's WarriorConcept whenever anyone talks about \m/ in a negative manner.) Talk to me when you're winning, old lady!
  8. Just wait until the next thread...when Franz books every character assigned into a CN PPV. You are Phil Brooks, aka Chick Magnet Punk. You're loved by many and hated by many, as well. You're abrasive and like things done your way, but you're also a former champion. Good luck in MMA fighting people who really hit back! You are Santino Marella. A colorful character who is only taken seriously when he pulls out the dreaded cobra, you are kept around for comedic relief and tag team matches. You are The Yeti. Really, we have no idea what Eric Bischoff was thinking. But he is a giant man, capable of causing great destruction by merely touching people. If you will it, it is possible that you could even possibly achieve an even more powerful form... SUPER GIANT NINJA!! Maybe I'll leave it to you, unless he shows up himself. :) You are Eva Marie. Even though you are questionable in the ring, you are loved by the fans and pretty much everybody appreciates your existence!
  9. Why can't he post? I have a special one for him. Prove it Completely forgot those guys. That sounds like a good youth though!
  10. There's only one way this one is ending, Sgt Slaughter. The only thing you love more than America is killing commies and making privates do push ups until your eyes get tired.
  11. You did not hit me with the 619. But you did hit me with the Dirty Deeds, Dean Ambrose. You're an up and comer with great potential for singles competition, even if you are a little weird. You just have to leave your former faction alone forever. You are Shark Boy from TNA. You have a DBDC flag which is the equivalent of wrestling in a shark suit in the worst wrestling promotion of all-time. ;) You are Rowdy Roddy Piper. Did you think it would be anywhere else? We're going to have to have Osraven on next week's edition of ROWDY RODDY PIPER'S PIT. Ah, too easy my red friend. You are Rusev, hero of the Russian Federation, and the all-around most likable Communist of all-time. Please bring Lana with you next time. You are Ric Flair, CN's resident tank-ridin', aircraft-flyin', tech stealin', backroom dealin', son-of-a-gun. You were born with a golden spoon, and can take anyone's girl, and there is nothing they can do about it. WOOOOO. Indeed it is, my Christian friend. Since you are religious, you are none other than Reverand Slick, the most badass preacher of all-time. Oh, you do, Mr Yokozuna. You've grown fat with tech, and have enjoyed the finer things in life that come with life at the head of a hegemony. Now you just enjoy jumping on the heads of any nation in the top 250. You are Damien Sandow, the cultured genius nice enough to grace us with your presence, which we will repay you for in time.
  12. So irrelevent, I just couldn't remember. You are Brodus Clay. You're pretty good in the ring for a big guy, but you are being booked horribly, and probably need a new gimmick. Funkasauros Rex isn't working out so well. (Oh, and look out for Big Show Stewie as well.) You are Jeff Hardy. With your post-hardcore grunge styling, you've taken CN by storm with your anti-authority and anti-parents ways. Laws be damned. You are Braden Walker. I've never heard of you, and nobody else has either. Your only segment in the history of CN was the time you spoke with Matt Hardy backstage. But don't worry, you have a 3 disc DVD to fall back on, the Definitive History of Braden Capibara Walker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwyFABQX62A You are Zach Ryder. Known for your flashy guido hair and catchy phrases, you are almost universally derided by everyone not on the internet. But don't worry, on the internet, you are the Internet Heavyweight Champion. Vince McMahon simply couldn't wait to fire you. You are AJ Lee. Loyal, a little bit crazy, and apparently also now retired. You are the biggest fan of Phil Brooks, CM Punk. You are a very shifty stranger, and as such you are none other than The Boogeyman. Nobody knows a thing about you, or why you are billed from a Bottomless Pit, but we do not want to get in the ring with you. Ever. You are Doink the Clown. Why, because I said so, Doink.
  13. You are John Bradshaw Layfield. You're outspoken and disliked but you have championship credentials and a killer clothesline from hell, also known as the Indonesian counter-attack. You are without a doubt The Iron Sheik. Never one to mind playing the bad guy, you are also unfiltered and tend to go off your rocker on epic rants, which you conclude by putting someone into a chokehold.
  14. Right above my previous post.
  15. Jerdge, don't make me agree with O ya baby. You guys are without a doubt there because of DBDC - nothing wrong with that though, but don't pretend otherwise.
  16. You are Trish Stratus. You have the most profile views of all CNers because everyone thought you were a girl. Despite being held back by your gender, you've still managed to become a legend. You are Drew Mcintyre, leader of the Three Man Band. You and your band are often overlooked and made fun of, but you have the potential to become legendary if you are finally booked properly. You are Michael Hayes, of the Fabulous Freebirds. You were together with your old faction (MK) forever and haven't really been able to let go of it, because everybody remembers you from the Fabulous Freebirds. You're still a beast, though. You are Nailz. You're probably an ex-felon, because you are simply too cool to be a regular everyday citizen, and far too powerful. You are Rey Mysterio Jr.. Known for being a good guy without a mean bone in his body, you are skilled despite your small stature, and loved by the fans. Watch out for Stewie (Big Show) though. He is not a paramedic. You are Miss Elizabeth. Not a wrestler yourself, you have made a good living on watching, and escorting others to the ring, notably the Macho Man Randy Savage. You are Kane, the Big Red Monster. You've been around since the start, and have been involved in your share of controversial storylines. Loyal to the business, you are now part of the Authority, but you still have the potential to give everyone a chokeslam. You are Jimmy Hart, the "Mouth of the South"! You've managed quite a few big name guys but you are so old that you can't wrestle yourself. You never go anywhere without your trusty megaphone to get your point across.
  17. Is it possible for o ya baby to make a post where he doesn't threaten to beat up a cybernation This is getting sad my man, you've made like 8 in this thread alone
  18. You are Sheamus, a shameful thing. You are the red headed wrecking machine, known for handing out brutal kicks to the head of TOP members who step out of line, fella. Sad face. I'll give you a wrestler anyway! You are Big Daddy V. You are a ridiculously large man to the point that it is dangerous to your health. You and Roquentin have been Men on a Mission since birth, and have steamrolled all opponents in your path since Wrestlmania 2 against ~. (Image summarizes how the world views Umbrella) You are Repo Man. A descendent of the raiding \m/ tribe, you've made a living taking back what is rightfully yours from the infidels who did not make their tech tributes on time. You're Shane McMahon, the son of the chairman of the board, the purveyor of the coast to coast. You are immune to any repercussions because your dad is the boss, and as such you are quite a devious character. One day, you will rebel against your father, and throw him into a ladder match with Shawn Michaels. You are Scott Steiner. You are ridiculously ripped and twice as buff as the real Duke Nukem, however you're a very bad spy due to your physical mass, and as such have lost the favor of Emperor Chimaera.
  19. yea I'm down with that You are Lord Tensai. You are a best when it comes to fighting but nobody likes to let you talk. You've been around forever and have changed gimmicks a few times. You are Armando Alejandro Estrada. You don't fight, but you hang out around the wrestlers, and sometimes, they might attack you. You are Dave Batista. You're big, old, slow moving and rarely ever fight. But when you do someone gets Batista bombed for the ZI count. You are Mantaur. Nobody really knows what your gimmick is, but we're all hoping it is a joke and not meant to be taken seriously. You are Ted Dibiase Sr, the million dollar man. You lead VE, who are so well connected that they don't need to lift a finger to win. You are Stevie Richards. You got your neck broken, but won't give up. You are a nice guy and respected around the business but confined to the mid-card forever. You are Rob Van Dam. You've got a pretty damn good skill-set, and you're over with the crowd. But you just can't stop smoking weed and acting a fool to win the title. (Applies to all RIA members) You are Irwin R. Schyster. You like to correct people and probably audit their nations.
  20. Ulthran: You are Stan Hansen. I have no idea who you are, but apparently some people know you. I imagine the giant beast in your avatar could deliver a hell of a lariat.
  21. Stewie: Wellllllllllllll it's the bigggggg show. You are a monster heel with an emotional side, who is really just a nice guy stuck inside of a beast.
  22. Mogar: You are Jerry Lawlor because you love to talk, and women love you.
  23. Reythegreat: You are Dolph Ziggler because nobody appreciates your skills and how you constantly put everyone over. DeathAdder: You are the Sandman because you take alot of abuse and you keep trying. And I imagine you beat people in Sparta with Kendo sticks and drink alot of beer.
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