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  1. Necessary? Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No, but I do it anyway.
  2. We're pretty dopetastic e: Haha, still rockin the pop a smurf sig. The good ol days.
  3. Take off the two non-Kash members if you can. Or if you have to have that many (clearly based on some kind of templete?) - we can give you two more members.
  4. I laughed out loud. Please, enlighten me.
  5. These words are faithful and true. Let your forests echo with laughter.
  6. I'm picking a topper soon man, get your ass out here.
  7. Good lord. Stop playing. I'm dead serious. You clearly aren't happy here - go play NS or Bloc or Pixel Nations or AR or find a !@#$@#$ hobby. Or start a revolution yourself and quit with all the talk. More Lenin less Andy from The Office. This isn't 2007. No it's not. Get a grip.
  8. Well that's fair. Not everyone is a Zeppelin fan, but a lot of references and a bit of our philosophy may go over your head. ODN is my recommendation then, based purely on my opinion of the alliances you listed. Great guys.
  9. The definition of hell in this game.
  10. They're just trickling out of peace mode while we're focusing on you and the Asses. Hiding in pussy mode until everyone is knee deep in war - way to be, guys.
  11. Again, to me, this comes back to the blog feature being ineffective itself. More organization, better search tools, categorization, etc would make it way easier to dig through the blogs you don't care about and reach ones that are truly worth reading. If it was reimagined (is this on admin or IP boards?) I suspect they would be used more, and used correctly.
  12. There are no rules as to what is posted in the OWF as long as it doesn't explicitly belong elsewhere. There aren't any rules at all for what can go in a blog (as far as I know). You can argue all day that the blog posts should be posted in the OWF, or at minimum, they could. Of course they could. Vladimir's essays were in the Academic sub-forum (which I miss dearly), but as that no longer exists, blogs are really the only platform for academic discussion. I guess this boils down to why you made this topic. It seems like you're trying to slander the blog function of the forums rather than consider what people have said and go find decent blogs/ posts.
  13. Aye, I simply meant maybe next year's edition will see Kashmir as a top 80 (or much higher...) alliance.
  14. I hadn't thought of this. These are really good points. I'd love for blogs to be an academic journal; that's what I love about Vladimir's blog, the old Schatt posts, and most of Jerdge's post. The problem, to me, is that most aren't - glancing at the blog "homepage," there isn't anything resembling intellectual academic writings. If there was a way to weed out the non-CN related blogs or simply an easier way to search/find good blogs (whatever your definition of good is), I'd find myself there a lot more often.
  15. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading these, actually. One day Kashmir will be worthy of getting judged by Rush I hope.
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