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  1. Why would we bother there seems to be a steady stream of baby doombirds "bringing it" to us already. I am positive that this will continue without any aggression from us. You may think that we are completely clueless about the workings of Bob, I assure you we are not. Why would we open ourselves to all the treatise of doom?
  2. We all know that 100 tech is a more powerful weapon then 4k soldiers.
  3. It means if it comes down to it I will be a part of the 1000 nations promised to be meat shields for the puppet masters. I haven't always been in the WTF I understand treaties and such. Which is why I understand that any attack on the WTF including the attacks by DBDC and the baby Doombirds are unprovoked. And would be hard to justify by any respectable AA.
  4. Thanks Mogar. Hell DT Probes, Loss, Avalanche, Shangri-La among many others have had dealings with us during this conflict. The only reason they sanctioned Mogar is because they don't like him.
  5. Is that another veiled threat. Jeez this is getting sad.
  6. Man why did you go and say something I agree with. :gag:
  7. Oh shit you done got Asa on the OWF. Your loss. We again will keep fighting until we see fit to end. Bitches
  8. Ask around your AA most have heard of me. I have even defended the NpO.
  9. The twenty diplomats from NpO on my forum's nuts makes me think that NpO is interested in what happens to us. I like your AA, never had love for you and what you think. Only thing I reek of is the blood of doom sphere micros.
  10. This. I know this would not have happened to the NPO or ODN.
  11. Well Schatt has done a pretty good job in summarizing that thread. And the feel of the WTF. All in all pretty spot on.
  12. I have seen your request at the WTF forums and our Admin is not currently online. That goes for the flood of others waiting.
  13. Well this is taken right from our forum. You missed the part where I said hi to OsRaven and he didn't say hi back. 10/10 would read again.
  14. And there you show how little you know. We are not neutral. Also I am a former ally of the NpO when I was in the NPL. So I understand the politics of Bob. What we don't understand is why ODN is trying so hard. That said we haven't changed our way of life. We still don't care what the majority of Bob thinks of us.
  15. Wow you "Almighty" are so brilliant. Not sure how NpO continued without you at the helm. I think what he was trying to point out is that ODN is valiantly trying at all hours to gain peace for DBDC.
  16. Raiding the WTF will not be profitable ask Noob.
  17. Some of my favorite fights were against ODN \o Congrats!
  18. Can someone explain what happened to my pip?
  19. Just for clarity the World Task Force does not ask or condone an attack on OBR. As for me I think this side deal shit stinks. But out of respect for Ron Paul the WTF will stay out of whatever deal RP and OBR have.
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