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  1. Did you guys know that was a long time ago and has nothing to do with modern time at all?
  2. That may make him feel like a dick afterwards, but like someone else said on here recently: Morality is dead.I think everyone but you knows you're going to get invaded soon.
  3. "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Albie said it better. War against WTF!
  4. The neutrals are getting their beat in, but can you blame the birds? It's a kill or be killed game. Topics from months ago show that Dulra and Cuba won't attack each other because of the destruction of their last conflict, but come on now, we see the swarm flexing and we all know Dulra is about to get jumped. Despite the situation, heavy props to Cuba and the Doombirds for winning the game. It wasn't surprising to see the neutrals sit there like a steak dinner for 2 at Ruby Tuesday, but you guys did it and now you're taking over the top 10. If the topics are true about the game mechanics, you wouldn't have to worry about a threat to your top 10 spot unless you purposely wanted to let someone take it from you. If you were Dulra would you bum rush these guys and chance some dignity on your way out, or just celebrate it like the violin players going down on the titanic?
  5. If DBDC have the dual alliance pact with Templar, Templar are harboring Lunzypants, and their bloc mate is at war with us then why dont we just ask the darkies to join the fun? (Ok, ok I am just trying to get more targets. Sorry no love down here for us small guys.:/ )
  6. Theres exactly 666.66 infrastructure after a missile was fired. The top of the cruise missile photo represents a triangle which represents the all seeing the illuminati flag. The launch cruise missile button positions it self as 27 characters if you spelled something with 27 characters over it. The SF-Illuminati war lasted 27 days If you take 1.5 characters away at a time per line then you reach only 1 letter when you get to the GLOF members name. There is 1 letter at the beginning of the word "Illuminati". The server time at the firing of the second missile is 10:40:50. This represent 10 nations, 40 attacks if turtling, and 50 attacks if not turtling that they do in a war. The lodge members name is Osteopathy. Osteo is greek for "bone". Pathy is latin for "of satan". "Bone of Satan" The lodge has joined a grouped cult that calls itself "aztec" which represents a lot of foreigny looking people. If you scroll down very fast and up very fast repeatedly, Pendono's avatar looks like a flying bird. This represents the airplanes that fought in the illuminati war. If you listen to the declaration of war backwards you hear "egdol dnarg eht" which is latin for "i love satan". There are 13 letters in "The Grand Lodge" which represents the 13 illuminati bloodlines. If you are lucky enough to read this message it means you are holy and a chosen one. You should give me money to fight this holy war, and stop the devil in his tracks.
  7. Hey bucko, don't put too much thought into it. If they support them now and the bird turns on them, then they deserve it in a way for allowing them to do so. If they don't turn on them, and just rule the high tier than they're loyal and all is wel. No big deal either way.
  8. First the foreigny sounding alliance and now the illuminati are attacking us! Bring it!
  9. I don't think they or their friends care much for the game. That's why their numbers are low. If they cared they would be higher. Maybe you guys can do something after the war with them to get them to care more about the game. Maybe teach them some of the things you've studied/tested about the games mechanics and befriend them.
  10. Oh come on, really? Using racial slurs isn't a good way to make friends.
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