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  1. I'm not the party pooper here or anything. I really respect and admire Dajobo for his amazing character although I never had the chance to know him good enough. However, maybe is just coincidence or whatever but I actually find it funny how the Emperor's of the 2 greatest Alliance in Bob walked out after a defeat in the battlefield. First Farrin after NPO lost and now NpO. I know my statement might be out of place but I just wanted to say it. Best of luck Dajobo you walked out with with respect of many of us
  2. What is this "brain" you speak of? I don't know him.
  3. Oh I see lol. NPO isn't disarming, they are being disarmed. Does anybody have a solid answer why NPO is getting rid of its nukes? Terms from last war? Imposed by AZTEC? Or just plain stupidity?
  4. No but fo real tho! Why are you guys disarming?
  5. What did I miss? Where are NPO nukes? Looks like they're throwing them away or something.
  6. Friendly discussions? Really dude xD Nobody wants friendly discussions with alliances who attack another alliance without a cause. I don't see CT as a traitor at all. He went to defend an innocent alliance targeted by DBDC which he also used to be a member of. Clearly he had stronger ties with WTF than the entire DBDC. If all, I see CT fighting for WTF as an honorable action.
  7. Ok so let's review this. Cuba is mad because CT was accepted while he was at war right? Here we have Supa_Land, a triumvir of DT who attacked WTF and he was accepted back right after. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=45998 Oh look! Mos Risley from Umbrella!! He was accepted into umbrella while still at war http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=84738 So Cuba, please stop whinning how CT took 7k of your tech and was accepted into WTF! You've turned out to be soo weak and cry so much
  8. You were inferring that OBR and DBDC are friends. And I simply replied my thoughts. Friends don't need agreements to not attack each others it should be common sense. However, DBDC has no friends and is looking after its own interest all the time.
  9. The reason everyone is crapping on you is simple. You've attacked RP who left OBR on good terms and joined WTF on good terms. He is by no means a Rogue my friend. You've also shattered the reputation you used to have by giving in to DBDC demands. Is sad but true, you screwed up
  10. I'm not aware what CT says or doesn't say. The fact is that you twisted your arm to Cuba to be in good terms with him so he doesn't obliterate your nation with his DBDC friends. There is nothing more dishonorable than to attack a fellow friend and alliance member of yours with who you shared over a year. Just like you decided to attack your "good friend" RP, one day DBDC will decide to attack their good friend Hime.
  11. You're indeed saving pixels. You have decide to go to war with a nation who only has 20k tech instead of risking going to war with Cuba who was knocked to 74k tech. I'm not really sure out of you or Cuba who is the biggest p$@#%
  12. Hime you're sound so stupid every time you bring up promises. Cuba doesn't believe in promises! You're being used and you'll soon be r@$%# so hard that you'll regret believing in his "word" I really do hope you come to your sense and see what everyone is WARNING you about. Don't blind yourself or try to friends DBDC to save your pixels.
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