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  1. I laughed out loud. Please, enlighten me.
  2. Good lord. Stop playing. I'm dead serious. You clearly aren't happy here - go play NS or Bloc or Pixel Nations or AR or find a !@#$@#$ hobby. Or start a revolution yourself and quit with all the talk. More Lenin less Andy from The Office. This isn't 2007. No it's not. Get a grip.
  3. Aye, I simply meant maybe next year's edition will see Kashmir as a top 80 (or much higher...) alliance.
  4. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading these, actually. One day Kashmir will be worthy of getting judged by Rush I hope.
  5. EL James, Malala Yousafza, Barack Obama (If it was only for America), Mario Draghi. These are the only candidates I'd actually vote for, and Malala if I had to pick one. Draghi is second, Obama third, James fourth. You have to actually done something, that affected everyone. Zuckerburg and The Protester were great picks. Obama did a lot during his term that drastically changed America, but much doesn't affect the world. Actors, singers, and athletes winning it is just ridiculous. EL James is a weird exception because I actually believe her books are changing the way we look at certain things. I think Mars is a waste of time, and isn't really changing the world. Just my opinion. Obama will probably win it, as Reagan and Bush did after winning a second term.
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