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  1. Thank you to you both! I am now part of ODN. Thank you all for your much appreciated help :)
  2. @Letterkenny: Kashmir interested me, but it might be hard for me to be in an alliance with a theme that I know nothing of.. I just looked up Led Zeppelin and was surprised to find out it was a band and not a solo artist :/ And you're affiliated with NSO, which.. well, I don't like very much. @Delta1212: I have strong negative perceptions of the Orders, STA, Fark, and Doomhouse minus GOONS. I have positive perceptions of ODN, the Purple sphere, GOONS, VE, etc.
  3. I don't mind selling tech, I figure I might as well contribute *somehow*. But I may wait a week or two, just so I can get in the groove of remembering to check this every day without screwing over tech partners unintentionally. As for governments, I've always favored the triumvirate and minister system. With elections, say, every quarter? I don't know if that helps.. As for culture, if you remember iFOK: ballsy, but not reckless; against the norm; tightly-knit, but not excessively small. I'll look more closely at Sparta tomorrow (Sunday).. but i'm on my way to Manhattan right now. I don't necessarily have a negative perception, but neither a positive one.
  4. I would definitely prefer a democratic alliance, but I wouldn't necessarily deny an authoritarian alliance. I'd prefer to be a common member, as I'm really doing this for fun. I no longer feel the need to be a 60k strength nation who spends a large part of his day building up his nation and activity level. That's not to say that I won't be active, however. I'll definitely be posting on forums and will use IRC every so often (is that still used?). I want an alliance that is relatively laid back, but at the same time won't cop out when their ally is threatened. Also: despite wanting to be a common member, I wouldn't mind being a diplomat. That was always fun. Even though I was a big supporter of the iFOK-PC merger, I (as of mid 2012) hate what NG has become. I really don't think i'll go back to them. And they're allied with the Orders now? Wow... And, well, no thank you to IRON. But thank you for the offer(s)! ;) EDIT; A lot of those alliances in that map I've never even heard of... I guess its a very different world now.
  5. Hey guys, I played this game from 2009-2012 and have spur of the moment decided to come back just for fun. I wanted to see how changed it is now! But, the catch is I don't know where to go... Here's the alliances I was in: iFOK April 2009-May 2010 November 2010-June 2011 Omniscient Empire of Green protected by iFOK May 2010-October 2010 VE October 2010-November 2010 Non Grata successor to iFOK June 2011-November 2011 The Fifth Empire protected by GOONS November 2011-December 31 2011 Deinos December 31 2011 - July or August 2012 (estimated) And... now, 1.5 years later, i'm here again with no idea where to go. If iFOK was still around, I would have jumped right on it... but sadly they're gone... So, recruit away I guess?
  6. Hello Admiral Heart, hope your alliance plans are going well. If you register on http://deinos.partytowne.ca/index.php and speak to Bones Malone, he can help you get set up with a protectorate, which is crucial to small alliances. Wish you the best, King Jordan
  7. Is the white space between Cochin, Rebel Army and Dalmatia still open?
  8. Join. Because we're... . And 's. Oh yes.
  9. Congratulations, guys. 3Mill / 13score is a great milestone.
  10. [quote name='im317' date='11 June 2010 - 08:57 PM' timestamp='1276304208' post='2334117'] congratulations Omniscient Empire of Green. also did i miss Corp joining UJA? [/quote] Yeah. Corp joined UJA on the 24th of May, the same night they moved to Green and signed a treaty with \m/.
  11. [code]Color: Green [url="http://empireofgreen.ipbfree.com/index.php?"]Omniscient Empire of Green[/url] (OEG) - #cn-OEG[/code]
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