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  1. My thoughts exactly. I heard he was titodafarmer and came back to just say, Rest In Peace. The family is in my prayers.
  2. And I can't forget, KillerJew1, Loki Laufeyson, and Republic of Joe
  3. E-mail's broken. I will miss, FoxFire Rotavele, gorbachov, General Gabriel, Kingneptune, LordGrievous, Tupac Shakur, antwon69, GrimReaper22, Entraim, Ghost, Legend7, irule777, and any others that were kind to me. To all the others, watch your backs. I will return.
  4. I am mainly leaving to leave the constant teasing and lying.
  5. Xanth was going to hit me with 6 nukes. I already have a bad name around here, so...
  6. I will consider it in a few months
  7. Goodbye to all that I liked. Good riddance to all that I did not. This was a great 2 and a half months of fun. I will continue to play TE. If you need to contact me, do it there. Thanks for a wonderful time. Goodbye.
  8. "All fear the Toon Army. By the lightsaber of Shearer, we ride!"
  9. "I got taken to the Auto Show"
  10. I will begin mobilization of the spy network IN 5 MINUTES. It is not to late to accept peace.
  11. Expect retaliation Xanth. You just declared war on me, therefore your Mutual Defense treaties will do you no good. By declaring on me, you have mobilized my spies and friends. I have warned my friends in SRA to leave.
  12. you declared and infra jumped.
  13. Wow Xanth. If you want to fight me, at least come down to my range to make it a fair fight, or are you too scared?
  14. I asked what you demand from the NSO coalition for peace. This war is affecting everybody now. tech dealing is extremely hard.
  15. You aren't a part of either coalition and therefore I ask if you would please stay quiet for the remainder of these peace talks.
  16. We need to get down to business here. And be serious. What does the Polar Coalition expect from NSO and allies to have peace?
  17. My master has called the bounty off.
  18. As long as we are both alive, everyone's happy.
  19. I look forward to it. Just make sure you come alone. I want a one on one with you.
  20. Rule 5. You don't know anything of this, so be quiet.
  21. 3. Don't lie to an underground network of bounty hunters and spies.
  22. This war has gotten ridiculous. It is chaos. Order must be restored soon. When do you think this war will end?!
  23. There is a saying, "In war, truth is the first casualty" I never thought I would have to say that about GPA.
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