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Notice of Cancellation


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[b][size="5"]Notice of Cancellation[/size][/b]

It is with deep regret that I come to you with this announcement. It is a terrible day when something that has taken years to create has to be cast aside.

I hereby announce the cancellation of the 4 days of celebration for the 4th birthday of the Siberian Tiger Alliance.

The cancellation was in light of the dangers revellers may face when attending scheduled events seeing as we are declaring war on Poison Clan in defence of the New Polar Order this evening. For Neville!

Celebrations will be limited to a small, private ceremony for STA members past and present as well as invited dignitaries but I hear the fireworks program will be memorable.

Za Sibir'!


Crown Prince Mishka of Tygaland, Supreme Chancellor

Bzelger of League of Dunces, Chancellor

Consilium Tigris:


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Oh lol Poison Clan will crush you like Mike Tyson would crush an infant.

(Mike Tyson is a well known boxing star in Great Pwnage)

You deserve to be rolled too for your face-heel turn in BiPolar too, so have fun!

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