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  1. FYI, Argent is in the Polar coalition, although we only have 2 wars at the moment, so maybe that's why we're not included.
  2. Argent The Last Remnants 0.00 2,209.92 1 Woo! Go me!
  3. Better spelling then? > [20:13:05] <@Lowsten[Argent]> mofo, this is my Administration now. I've already decided to offer you as a sacrafice sacrifice to enter Platysphere. Can we, or rather, they join your Platysphere now?
  4. Argent leaks: [20:13:05] <@Lowsten[Argent]> mofo, this is my Administration now. I've already decided to offer you as a sacrafice to enter Platysphere. I've been thrown under the bus already.
  5. GOONS [i]continuing[/i] to attack a protectorate of TIO? Sounds like an aggressive act to me.
  6. Many nations in Eq have been on the losing side of recent wars. Note the plural usage of "wars". To say that their current nations are weak because they haven't used the last 5 years to build a strong nation just doesn't follow.
  7. Stuck your necks out? We fought together twice. Both times, it was you calling us in to help you or your allies. Non sequitur.
  8. Little brother syndrome? I figure I know what it means, but I'm clueless on why you think it applies to me. Because I beat up on "big brother" TOP?
  9. This is representative of many DH posters, so I have one simply question. If this war leaves you in such a nice position, why didn't you use your nice position to win this war? Umbrella always had the majority of its allies on the other side relative to us. Yes, we fought with you guys twice through the oA clause on our MDoAP, but, for the most part, our FA paths were separate. Eventually, even if we had kept the treaty, we would have fought on opposite sides. (We did fight on opposite sides in Bipolar.) The fact is that, since both of our alliances were mainly upper tier (yours more so obviously), having an upper tier alliance such as yours on the other side frees up other alliances on your side with respect to their upper tiers. Not a direct threat, no, but considering the make-up of our alliance, a very real and distinct threat. This war significantly lowered my opinion of Umb. When I attacked treefinguy, quite a few from Umbrella whined a hell of a lot. It wasn't even clever. It was just bad. I was hoping for clever jabs back and forth, but instead, it ended with me shaking my head. The whining coming out of TOP has also been excessive. Props to Beazy and Tails for being reasonable people. Lum was fun too, even if he always tried to psyche me out. The fact is that TOP wanted to continue down a different FA path. Most of the rest of PF wanted a different path, although BN did sign with Umbrella. And yes, with allies, we did help to beat the shit out of TOP.
  10. 5 years? How is that an appropriate timescale in any sense? Alliances and coalitions change, and wars happen. Are you going to say Matt Miller is a terrible nation builder because of his tech level just got severely hurt this war?
  11. The other thing is that, if we outnumber you 3 to 1, we can grow in overall tech 3 times faster than you. What's better: three 10K tech nations getting 3K teach each or one 15K tech nation getting 3K tech? Rebuilding and shifting foreign policies will be key to the next war. That and where it begins.
  12. You might also want to think of Pyrrhus when you claim this war as a victory for you. Losing half your tech? That hurts whether you won or lost.
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