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  1. I've read all 20 so far. Great job Sardonic.
  2. Wow, ODN really did you guys in this coalition a huge favor. You should be thanking them.
  3. Favre, TO and Ochocinco on the same team? An ESPN anchor's head would explode during Sportscenter probably.
  4. Voltron clearly should have won that poll.
  5. When I was in Gremlins, and I could be wrong about this, I don't think there was any serious chance of us joining the proposed Bastion bloc even without TOP pressure. Obviously Bob and others would know better than me on that though, but I just can't remember any discussion about it where there was much support for the idea. Hangout bloc was a different story though.
  6. Now I know what it's like to root against the Yankees. Miami is the new Evil Empire.
  7. Changing my prediction to he's coming to NY btw.
  8. I watched pretty much every Knick game on MSG last year and I can tell you that Gallinari is the real deal. He's going to be great with Amar'e kicking the ball out to him for open threes. There won't be a mega team though. Best chance is signing Lebron along with Amare(who's already committed) and wait until Curry's contract comes off the books next year and sign another good player. I don't think he's coming though.
  9. Before I give my support in this race, what are Blanding's views on water fluoridation?
  10. My private alliance channel isn't dead so I'll have to decline your kind offer.
  11. I expected this considering how Bob was always one of the more pro-NPO posters on the forum.
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