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  1. Hey guys all spots are filled. If we have any further openings, I will post here again! -omfg
  2. 1 spot filled, looking for 1 more! -omfg
  3. Tired of looking for trades? Our circle is in need of some people so if you want to join a circle, please message me ASAP! http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=143410 -omfg
  4. Hello, I am running a trade circle on white and I am in need of someone to fill the circle. It will be very little work on your part as I will send instructions as to who to trade with and if anyone in the circle does go inactive or leave, I will find the replacements for the circle. PM me ASAP as it is on a first come first serve basis. -omfg
  5. Our trade circle is looking for someone to fill it in. Are you interested in joining? You would not need to worry about trades as I will help find replacements for the circle. -omfg
  6. I made this giant post but it got deleted. I have been playing this game for a while and have pretty much seen it all short of actually leading an alliance. I can't think of any other alliance that would go to bat for their allies other than STA. We weren't the perfect alliance, we made some mistakes and we didn't have a lot of allies, but I'll be dammed if we didn't back up our allies. I am proud to have played with you guys and shed pixels for my fellow Tigers. Za Sibir' I always knew and accepted that I was going to be a soldier when I started this game 8 years ago and have seen and played a lot of roles in this game. I never participated in politics because the people who posted vitriolic, but I can say this, give it up to NPO for winning this game. When I saw Pacifica burn, I had a feeling they were going to come back. Here we are today, a full 25 points ahead of the second alliance in this game. Congratulations. No alliance is going to try and take you down since the ones that can are your sheep and will call when you command. And sure as hell the neutrals will not ally and try to take you down. To give a lord of the rings analogy, Pacifica is Sauron, the ring wraiths are your sheep alliances, Neutral's are the Dwarves who don't do anything. Except, Human and Elven Alliances are all dead and defeated since Frodo goofed and lost the ring. Now the one ring has returned and Pacifica rules again. Congratulations. You win. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOulsEGvSCo -omfg tl;dr STA is the best alliance ever.
  7. Ah Planet Bob, bringing up grudges from 9 years ago. Have fun TPF. Light em up. -omfg
  8. We are still waiting on Samus as to the reason for why "STA had it coming for years" -omfg edit: The quote in question.
  9. Now Tyga clearly they deserve a pat on the back for winning a war with 22:1 nation ratio. -omfg
  10. My worst fears confirmed. Kinda sad how we were outnumbered yet managed to escape to peace mode twice to restock nukes. Shame since I finally got countered. Oh well good fights to all my opponents and hopefully the next war can come sooner. -omfg
  11. I dont know about you guys but I am having quite the ball. It feels great to cash in on all the time I wasted on Planet Bob. -omfg
  12. Did Oculus peace out Monster Inc because of this thread? -omfg
  13. I have been here for some time but not very active so just bear with me. In prior mass wars, when the term "surrendered" was used, it often came with reparations, public apologies, etc. I remember the first term "white peace" was used in a peace thread and everyone applauded it and said that was respectable. So as reparations faded out, white peace was in. tl;dr - word association. -omfg
  14. Shout out to aineshane for being the only opponent who gave me a good amount of damage back out of my 7 opponents. -omfg
  15. If only I had nukes and a navy. Fun fighting all around. See you guys next year! -omfg
  16. Jeez what a messy thread... Anyone else but me kind of glad we get to fight battles like this? 4:1 ratio dogpile on STA? Nothing new. People want to see us burn? Wait in line. Getting to fight because you havent fought in two years? Hell yeah. Just because you disagree with what your friends do doesnt mean you need to burn bridges. People get in arguments, breakups arent always clean. Lets just fight, nuke each other, gain some experience. I am just excited to hire new generals and name them ridiculous names. o/ war -omfg
  17. Its not an official war until STA gets outnumbered 3v1. Cheers to a fun war. -omfg
  18. Za Sabir! Why do people think we will defend our allies? Psh, thats not STA's reputation. We defend Twinkies. -omfg.
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