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  1. [quote name='pezstar' timestamp='1334252880' post='2951515'] 72 days! Excellent. We've been working pretty hard over here, so yay STA! [/quote] No we havent. -omfg
  2. *further spams your comments*

  3. People just really dont like you, do they?

  4. stop being fat



  5. Oh jeez WickedJ as your minister of defense? You guys plan on winning wars? /hate Congrats to everyone else! -omfg
  6. $%&@ yeah! Marathon Monday! -omfg
  7. I am still perplexed as to why Sparta is gaining tech from a offensive war on CnG/ -omfg
  8. omfghi2u2

    I Wonder...

    I wonder why Uralica is so confused. -omfg
  9. Thank you for your time Admin! I am glad to have given you countless hours of my life. (No sarcasm) Seriously. This life has helped me with so much boredom. Thank you admin!
  10. How does GOONS feel for the current situation? hippopotamus -omfg
  11. I concur. Admin, I think you did a fairly great job as it is. Stop giving more work unto yourself. -omfg
  12. Oh my god I seriously laughed for a good 5 minutes. (exaggeration) Too bad this was overlooked. [quote name='Strykewolf' date='06 February 2010 - 06:25 AM' timestamp='1265437532' post='2163557'] You have got to be kidding me? What in the hell led you to even consider believing that an alliance would not honor its treaties without a public cancellation of said treaties? And you folks know better. [/quote] Polaris, always making the game full of lulz. -omfg
  13. Wait what? Yeah, Polaris is now OFFICIALLY on both sides of a fight. o/ -omfg
  14. You were better fighting off the bigger P. -omfg
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