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  1. Prosecute/sue moar. I'm serious, if someone did that to me I'd make an example of them. But if you're happy with the resolution, all good.
  2. You two need to have a rap battle or something. Still, you won this round.
  3. Make it rain (latinum)

  4. ii. bigwoody was on the list previously, and is still currently Dear Leader of TORN, however, the Triumvirate now seems to be the actual leadership position of the alliance since their switch to the current government system. You're sharp, this is correct.
  5. Legendary thread. The leak that turned the world against the Gramlins, and provided commentary throughout a long and hard fought war on the part of IRON and DAWN to see it through to a reasonable conclusion. Bravo, world. Bravo.
  6. [quote name='Vladimir' date='17 July 2010 - 12:44 PM' timestamp='1279388661' post='2375998'] I have to agree with Heft and Lusitan that this was a fairly silly analysis of things to come. And also that refresher course on the meaning of Darwinism might be in order. Simply put, there is no 'ex-Hegemony'. People keep using this term as if there is a huge group of alliances hiding somewhere just waiting to jump out and take over the world. As much as that might liven things up a bit, it just isn't the case. The Continuum and its allies have been beaten and atonomised through a combination
  7. [quote name='Free Quebec' date='11 July 2010 - 07:32 PM' timestamp='1278894743' post='2367448'] Oh yes, so true. And TORN are the greatest leaders this game ever had. So keep talking, because it makes too much sense for TORN to be complaining about others being followers. [/quote] You're cute. Did I hit a nerve?
  8. It will probably be someone that no one sees coming now, but if I had to lay odds NPO would be the favorite. Still maybe 3 to 1 against, but more likely than any other alliance. MHA are followers, NpO expended most of their political capital already with the last war, Sparta are followers, VE will just get really annoyed and whiny and not do anything if they get angry at some alliance, Fark might start something maybe possibly but they don't have a history of it, Legion has no backing to do anything, Mushroom Kingdom would much rather pull a Dennis Rodman than start a war directly, ODN are fol
  9. [quote name='Matthew PK' date='29 June 2010 - 02:30 PM' timestamp='1277839784' post='2354236'] I will admit some personal failings[/quote] Passive-aggressive tongue in cheek response incoming! [quote]I failed to foresee how many people would be swayed by the lies and misinformation opposing the realities of what we're demanding.[/quote] Ever heard of a false premise? Hint: You saying something doesn't make it truth. [quote]I failed to foresee that people would actually ignore my repeated explanations of the process we are demanding and pretend that their process was somehow more valid..
  10. Pensfan vs. 3 of the top 4 nations by infra count. Oh the tears that were shed...
  11. [quote name='SynthFG' date='26 June 2010 - 03:36 AM' timestamp='1277541352' post='2350832'] It's taken you how long to realise this ? [/quote] Its not the existence of his ego that shocks me, but the magnitude.
  12. [quote name='ChairmanHal' date='25 June 2010 - 10:29 PM' timestamp='1277522957' post='2350602'] [i]OOC: Any more unbelievable than Mussolini, Hitler, Napoleon, or any of a hundred more strongly charismatic rulers through history that lead their people into hell and they followed them willingly?[/i] IC: The end is near for Gramlins and he knows it. [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_stages_of_grief"]Five stages of grief[/url] anyone? He's on #3 right now. [/quote] OOC: I didn't know any of those 3 rulers. I don't want to venture into comparisons and Godwin the matter, as no matter h
  13. [quote name='JimKongIl' date='25 June 2010 - 07:54 PM' timestamp='1277513660' post='2350508'] Peron, thank you for taking the time to clarify this publicly. My apologies if in my haste proper channels were circumvented. [/quote] Not only that, the fact he tried to spin this into a round-about to save his own $@! is abject hilarity. Any decent alliance leader expects to take one of the biggest hits, if not the biggest hit, in a war. Only reason I didn't hit ZI myself last war was my endless warchest to stay at 1k infra and keep lobbing nuclear funbags. Ram is unbelievable.
  14. [quote name='Andre27' date='25 June 2010 - 07:12 PM' timestamp='1277511157' post='2350486'] The largest ego? Quite a claim especially with such a large number of exceptional ego's floating around on CN both past and present. Must be something then. [/quote] I am well aware of the gravity of the claim. It reflects my abject shock at what I have just read.
  15. Man, I am only partway through the Ram-JKI PMs and Ramirus has the biggest ego I have ever, EVER, seen. In RL or CN. I am stunned beyond description. Now the reason we are still seeing this war is clear to me. The Gremlins are being led into a losing battle by a mad man.
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