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  1. [quote name='NeCoHo' timestamp='1307625645' post='2727866'] Wow, I'm liking this, having been in both NPO and TORN, it's funny to see all of this. What happened was that TORN peaced out, not NPO. That's what actually happened, and it's nonsense to try and play it any other way. I was blueballed out of a war because someone wanted to save infra over fighting with an ally, and that's nonsense too. Quit it already. I remember the "deal" being offered by MK to TORN to drop out of the war, and TORN took it. That's what happened, and the perception of the backstabbing by NPO on TORN was trumped by the actual backstabbing of NPO by TORN. [/quote] Lawd, this is still going on? Hey TORN, please never take up arms for NPO, directly or indirectly. Let that be my final decree.
  2. [quote name='hewhoisgod' timestamp='1305683175' post='2714009'] Telling a senior government member to “suck on my wang” is, in our opinion, ample enough reason for both expulsion as well as ZI. [/quote] You must be great at parties.
  3. This is good to see. A good crew that can perhaps bring Gre back to former glories.
  4. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoeXW6hDAPc"]It's a magnificent weapon, isn't it?[/url]
  5. "The Problem with Plant Bob" is that every time I drop in here (now roughly a once in a month thing), there is another thread on what's wrong with the game. At this point I'm tired of guessing, and tired of trying to offer up solutions. Can't be bothered to try, no one is listening. Whoever is left, just enjoy the game however you like to enjoy it.
  6. Oh children, must everything be a peace mode argument?
  7. Prosecute/sue moar. I'm serious, if someone did that to me I'd make an example of them. But if you're happy with the resolution, all good.
  8. [quote name='Wu Tang Clan' timestamp='1298434696' post='2642450'] To Valhalla and TORN and IAA. I thank you all for being there for us as a whole, and for me personally. I feel bad for this [b]ultimate betrayal[/b], but this has to be done in order for me to move on, and for Exodus to move on. [/quote] Not sure why you feel that way, these things happen. Best of luck to you. [OOC]It's a game man, if you need to take a moment to step outside, by all means do so.[/OOC]
  9. Congrats on IRON's new found path of neutrality and idleness.
  10. [quote name='Haflinger' timestamp='1297238354' post='2626808'] Presumably about a year after Polar finishes their reps to VE, hm? [/quote] I cast my vote for immediately after they finish reps.
  11. [quote name='Rebounder' timestamp='1297033310' post='2622807'] Defending allies, independence, and multipolarity are contradictory positions? Is that your excuse for standing for none of them? [/quote] You are complaining that Duckroll isn't activating our oA clauses to chain in to defend NPO, while at the same time claiming you believe alliances need to be independent. You're making a big thing about multi-polarity, yet you want uninvolved parties to choose a side even when they have no interest on the politics (if any) that created this war. I think all you stand for is a desperate desire for attention and validation.
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