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  1. Where's Bob_Sanders when you need him?
  2. Well, aren't I about a year late to this party? I always had an impeccable sense of timing.
  3. Probably, but not this guy. Also, hi LoDark. Congrats on getting the big chair. I haven't checked how much the system has changed over these last several years, but I'm still going to take credit for at least some of that aid slot efficiency.
  4. And random old guys who show up out of nowhere after years and years, only to disappear back into the ether.
  5. As a result of this interview, Brehon has a new forum sig:
  6. Apparently it is your birthday and it seems your (like myself) the wrong side of 30 :D...Happy Birthday!

  7. bakamitai

    Update: V3.

    Amazing. It's all true. You are really an inspiration, thank you. And yes, one of these days I will climb that damn rock. I need to work on my grip first, but I'll get there.
  8. Well said, sir. A chilling vision of the future.
  9. /me rubs his stache I approve of this message
  10. My soul has a seat belt, but I like living dangerously. Great start Kevlar! -- baka
  11. Well put, Comrade Vladimir. Another excellent and thoughtful analysis.
  12. Perhaps not being on top of the world has taught us perspective? Or are you unwilling to admit that people can change?
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