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  1. It's been many years since I've commented here. Many more since I retired. In once again entering these halls, all I can say is I remain incredibly honored to stand with my brothers in NSO. Over the years, we have labored together to bind a band of misfits into a strong alliance. I look forward to employing Legion as a bookend, as we look towards the next chapter together. /s/ Wad of Lint (aka LintWad) NSO Imperator Emeritus
  2. [quote name='Pearl' timestamp='1319580180' post='2832268'] Lol, bluffing. Nope sparta's not going to do a damn thing to you, probably never will. legion is though. [/quote] Clearly Sparta lacks the chutzpah to do what they wish.
  3. [quote name='RegentPancras' timestamp='1319400967' post='2831021'] RV, you are manipulating the 'facts' to suit your argument, instead of being truthful. It is correct that Legion kept 30k+ NS nations in Peace Mode. It should however be born in mind that we entered the war to defend NPO and they also had their 30k+ NS nations in Peace Mode too. This was part of an agreed strategy. Where you are wrong is the statement that "Legion refused to fight". Legion had very many nations at war from day one. Orders were for all sub 30k nations to engage, and we did so. Our agreed target with NPO wa
  4. [quote name='Johnny Apocalypse' timestamp='1298570797' post='2643955'] I was under the impression aiding a combatant was always an act of war, but thank you for allowing us to claim that we set that precedent, and thank you for abiding by it! It should also be noted that declaring on our treaty partner is also an act of war, which probably explains why we continued to aid GOONS both economically and militarily(The key word being 'continued') I would've thought that because we declared on your MDoAP partner that would be reason enough for you to recognise hostilities with us. Why have you on
  5. [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1298550056' post='2643774'] I was responding very specifically to the suggestion that this is in response to events occurring after NSO last spoke with us. Since that time there has been one war, not multiple as has been repeatedly intoned. Any wars declared since our meeting would still be active and therefore incapable of deletion. Aid shipments to GOONS and between members of DOOMHOUSE generally predate your entry to the conflict and any expectation that they would or should cease because of your entry is foolhardy. [/quote] I recall a matter of 6m, th
  6. [quote name='Johnny Apocalypse' timestamp='1298078251' post='2637905'] Okay, cowardly is the wrong word. I was just curious why you didn't defend Hydra from LoSS. [/quote] Our support was promised to other allies long before Hydra came knocking. It was made clear early we would be unable to support their potential involvement, well before it was certain they'd even be involved. I like hydra, and see no reason for that to change. It is a good group of individuals. Unfortunately, our paths no longer cross the same street. I wish Hydra, especially Jacapo and teets the best of luck. Sincerel
  7. [quote name='Shrooms' timestamp='1298013084' post='2637433'] valid point but NSO still took a hard right after bi polar imo and i didnt like it joined VE for a month rejoined NSO and coincedentially got rolled by them a month later in 6m so i [b]deserted[/b] and am now happily beating up there lower tier from STA grudges are fun this world needs more that 1 grudge vs 1 grudge and nothing more [/quote] Sorry. I had to fix this.
  8. [quote name='Emperor Mudd' timestamp='1296709147' post='2617085'] Why is NSO so pissed? We're not your allies. Hell we're not even fighting the same war. [/quote] Surprised would be the word. I expected far better.
  9. [quote name='Il Impero Romano' timestamp='1296708808' post='2617070'] Don't be upset. Just take some deep breathes and center yourself. Everything will be ok, I promise. [/quote] I'm holding you to this.
  10. [quote name='neneko' timestamp='1296688404' post='2616649'] Maybe I missed the part where I said they've actually undergone any change. In the post you quoted I actually said the exact opposite of that. Reading comprehension is your friend, try to get along you two. [/quote] I marvel at the rhetoric used by you and others. Any change NPO makes will always be "temporary" in your eyes. Even if it lasts four years. Anything else would disable your capacity to !@#$%* and moan. The rest of us couldn't be so lucky.
  11. [quote name='neneko' timestamp='1296684842' post='2616608'] - NPO, 2011 You guys sure changed your tune quickly when you were no longer able to do this to others. I wonder how long it'll take to change back if you ever get any power again. [/quote] Oh! Perhaps this is the change you claimed never happened in your declaration! Amazing what you'll find when you open your eyes.
  12. [quote name='KainIIIC' timestamp='1296630223' post='2615889'] Well I guess it all depends on who gets thrown at you. I've won 13 of 15 GAs (3 of them being defensive, all victories). That being said, they're all good fighters and pretty well prepared (well... Stalin has a bit of a small WC, but that's okay ). I'm just better yes, this cordiality sickens me. GOON[s]S[/s][b]s[/b] SUCKS! [/quote] Fixed. Get it right. We've been lectured on this already.
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