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A happy GOONiversary to us all! Also government announcements.

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Our most recent year brought a few wars, some new allies, other allies moving onto new things, and a bevy of impressive results on our mercy boards.  Marx, jerkdotwad, and DoNotFearJazz, our former Secretariat, Strategos, and member of the GOONS Council, respectively; into retirement in the case of Marx and jerk and into Umbrella in the case of DoNotFearJazz.

Bear Retrieval Unit has been selected, and has already been serving, as our new Strategos. Aesculus has been appointed Pecuniator and has been producing impressive results with our Aid Slot Nationalization program. ComradeMilton was selected to replace Marx as Secretariat and the spot on the GOONS Council formerly occupied by DoNotFearJazz has not yet been filled.

We are pleased to be approaching our first full year of being an alliance entirely free of ReyTheGreat.

Our Mercy Board has produced some truly impressive feats this past year, including:
Dionysus eating dogfood to get back into GOONS after an ill-fated excursion aimed at forming his own alliance. Aidan Groover followed this up by not only completing some vanilla Mercy Board terms, also went above and beyond and ate catfood for some reason.


From our new Pecuniator, Aesculus, of what he wished to offer on GOONS' birthday:

no, death to the owf.


New Strategos, Bear Retrieval Unit, adds:

This better not lead to me having to deal with any of those people.


Co-Pilot KenMorningstar, when asked for a comment said:

I don't have any quote to give.


Finally, we leave you with a pearl of wisdom offered by Councilmember r00tn00b:

You are visiting the Oregon trail, You meet a man, his name is terry. You comment on how he has a silly name, Terry shoots you. You have died from dissing terry on the Oregon trail.


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What the $%&@ is this gay ass !@#$? Usually, once you !@#$ on something, the stink goes away after a while, yet this is as pugnacious as ever. Where the $%&@ is Nippy? I don't recognize any of these limp-@icks

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