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  1. And it was going so well until Meth opened his mouth. Oh well. Keep kicking his teeth in Jack. It's always fun.
  2. Congrats guys. But don't you think deleting would be better? I mean seriously look around.
  3. The real question is why waste your time protecting them? Although I suppose it doesn't matter. The last 3 pages on this forum is nothing but worthless micro drama. The world is dead. This is what's left.
  4. Don't use us to try to garner attention for your idiocy Kindle. Everyone knows we will never have anything to do with you.
  5. You aren't an alliance. You are a single person.
  6. It has been increasingly difficult to maintain activity in a stagnant and dying world. We shed our most active members over the past few years to the point where continuing on and dealing with this place was just too much work for such little fun. This wasn't a decision reached lightly, but for us, as a community, it was the best. Most of us are from SA so already maintain a better community outside of this world.
  7. Surviving is not living. And it's boring hugging infra as tight to your chest as possible. What satisfaction can you gain by visiting the world each day for a few moments to pay bills and make sure no one has attacked you while building a big pile of numbers that puts you out of reach of interacting with a majority of the planet?
  8. We all went inactive because seriously this world is basically dead. The most interesting thing going on right now is a slap fight between an idiot and a few other alliances. That has been the most interesting thing in the past year. Nothing can save it now so we decided as a group to call it a day. Let the people who want to keep collecting taxes every 20 days go somewhere else. A lot of us in gov will stick around in some form or other. The rest will delete because this is boring.
  9. They are too pathetic to destroy anymore. They have won!!
  10. Do you ever get tired of talking without knowing fuck all about the subject? By all Satan holds dear shut the fuck up occasionally. Also I would love to attack you again, but you are a tiny insignificant nobody nation well out of range.
  11. Yeah we are totally unprotected you should attack us totally.
  12. Whatever methrage shut up no one cares about you.
  13. I think it's called staggering considering the hundreds of NS damage you can do to him is negated by a single aid slot.
  14. Stonewall doesn't owe you anything. It's what happens when people get tired of you. They no longer support you when they see you acting like a lunatic against people they like.
  15. People have been using clown car for your coalition for 3 threads now. But I don't expect you to remember much of anything consider your detachment from what's actually written when you are reading.
  16. It really is. Also I'm totally involved in this conflict, I have aided multiple people at war with clown car.
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