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  1. he's probably talking more of modern day npo, who we can all agree that its just a shadow compared to npo back then. Hey at least you guys fought m inc by yourselves!!
  2. Oh you didnt pop ria's cherry... there's lots of ria treaties out there
  3. agreed, i hope more people sign treaties so there could be more pointless hails. Thats all you guys are good for
  4. You act like current politics is so great compared to gpa's fa when both are stagnant, boring, and predictable.
  5. Love the last question.... two options for not caring. But this is a result to boring ass stagnant mainstream politics. You fuckers are scared to war anymore and just want to hold hands
  6. you hated doom too, especially at its high. Whats your point?
  7. lol, you need to learn how ds got started. Doom was much better when they were the raiders and bullies of the world. Now they like politics :barf:
  8. Lol, please. They are going to get war aid anyway
  9. What a weird thing to debate about anyway
  10. why are you afraid to admit snx defeated animalz?
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