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  1. A Tribe Called Quest ftw
  2. Hmm... I dig Caribbean reggae, some American reggae but Hawaiian reggae I can't get into, it all sounds the same.
  3. Ghost Busters wad pretty cool
  4. Hmm. Good stuff. An interesting blog post topic would be your opinion of Vatican 2 and maybe the traditionalist Catholic criticisms of it.
  5. You're lucky that the only thing saving your alliance is your DT protectors.
  6. As a new member I'll say what got me to stick around was tech raiding. Before I did thst I was in an alliance which didn't allow tech raiding, drn. They didn't even have a war guide so I was ignorant of the war aspect of the game. I left after leadershp issue ruined the alliance and joined a starting micro, which failed due to leadership. I was going to quit because of fustration of not finding a stable alliance. Goons requested I join them and thats where i learned to raid. Ever since then, i find it fun to raid, see people's overreactions when I raid them and met some decent people to raid with
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