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A Last Imperial Announcement.


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It's been over two years since I first joined the Imperial Assault Alliance. Merging in from a staid conservative (despite having a colorful name) placid alliance I was in for a shock. At the time IAA had a high level treaty with both Athens and Invicta. I thought perhaps they were trying to navigate a middle course. No. They were just confused and there seemed to be votes to cancel one or the other monthly. Usually for the most inane of reasons. The drama level was off the charts with splinter groups coming and going and various government members going viciously at each others throats. And the war chest requirements I inquired about pre-merger to gauge just how together IAA was? They existed and were stringent as hell. And no one but a handful of members were anywhere close to them.

I don't say this to condemn, criticize, or chastise IAA in the least. I say this to celebrate the unique circus that was the Imperial Assault Alliance. It had it's problems just like any other alliance. Sometimes writ large. But this circus in the expert hands of our ringmaster Chimaera was a beautiful mess that worked and became the great alliance it was. Many people said that without Chimaera the whole enterprise wouldn't work. And given our demise so close to his deletion they have been proven correct.

Chimaera was a dynamic leader poaching left and right from any and all alliances. Sometimes the alliance seemed like a turnstile with new and unexpected members coming in often at a fairly brisk pace. He built a brash alliance whose influence and reputation far exceeded it's often meager statistics. He lived and breathed the alliance and came to embody it. But more importantly tried as best he could to make everyone welcome. In particular he was never afraid to welcome back old friends no matter how acrimonious their departure was.

The Imperial Assault Alliance was a vibrant place where the drama only masked the intense friendships underneath and the undying belief that somehow if we could all for once get our act together (like that would ever happen) greatness surely was ahead. But that greatness always was there. Especially in the values it always upheld. It was an alliance that showed respect not just to friends but even to enemies. In victory rarely anything but white peace was given. One of the few times where it wasn't the membership arose and made sure the terms given to TORN and DAWN were erased because that was the type of alliance we all wanted to be in.

Even in this train wreck of a war we never left while an alliance we had an active treaty to was denied peace. We were also never an alliance who cared whether it was on the winning or losing side of a war. We were never afraid to burn if necessary or even a few years back when we came out in defense of GATO be destroyed. And it is appropriate that GATO will in fact be our merger partner.

Our relationship with GATO goes long and deep stretching back to our very beginnings through both good times and bad. We've had our disagreements but they are the type that lovers have. Sometimes passionate but quickly forgotten after a good night kiss. It has always been both our intentions to remain forever in each others embrace. And even as we exit the world stage this shall continue.

I'd also like to thank all our allies who stood by us right to the end. Given the state we were in it was not the easiest course to take and demonstrates what wonderful and loyal allies The Last Remnants, The League of Small Superpowers, and the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization are. Any alliance should be proud to have any of them as MDP partners. Each went out of their way to look after our interests and we are eternally in their debt.

I'll also acknowledge two long time former treaty partners. Given the number of former IAA members in it we've always had a type of love/hate relationship with The Imperial Order. But many of those members helped in their time to make IAA a special place. And they no doubt have made TIO a special place to their own members. Our alliances enjoyed many great times together in Synergy and Sirius and I wish them well.

New Polar Order is an alliance which we were connected to until quite recently and an alliance which we gladly burned for. We also shared many good times together which will not be forgotten even as we pass from this world. I also wish them well.

Our ending brings sadness but is something that has been a long time coming. It is no secret that for well over half a year we've been debating this. About two months ago virtually the entire government left en mass to make their point on this matter. Right before this war I advocated our dissolution. But it was never an easy decision to make. The merger vote was a very close one and the empire is not something we give up easily.

My thanks go to all those members who made it through to the end in what was a hard and winding road. And thanks to all of our previous members who contributed to the alliance. Could things have been handle better by this government or that? By myself or by others? I am sure this will be debated ad infinitum . IAA members both past and present do love to argue. But I ask them to put those arguments aside. The ending was coming for a long time and extends beyond any one person, incident, or decision. It was our time. And this is the time to celebrate the alliance that Imperial Assault Alliance was and perhaps one day shall be again.

Imperium Increbresco

ps. the IAA, CPAC, and NsO AA's are being protected by GATO and others. Raid at your own risk.

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About two years ago, I was in a small, struggling micro alliance. All the way up to the end, IAA protected us, gave us advice when we needed it, and always stood by us no matter what the situation. I will always hold IAA as one of the greatest alliances of all time for that.

While it saddens me deeply to see you leave, at the same time it makes me happy to be your ally once again via GATO.

RIP, old friend. You will be missed.

o/ Chim

o/ PHD

o/ IAA

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I am saddened by this announcement. IAA was the friend above all friends to GATO for ages and I am honored to have served beside Chimaera during my time as Assembly Chairman. Your legacy is rich and one to be proud of and hold your heads high. We welcome our IAA brothers/sisters and look forward to getting to know NsO and CPAC better.

IAA, you will be missed.


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While I have known this was coming, I still am greatly saddened by this turn of events.

IAA has long been a blood brother to GATO, and to this day many GATOans held a debt to IAA that could never be repaid. IAA had more honor, class, and integrity than most alliances on Bob could hope to have.

I find that I am having trouble expressing myself, so I will not continue to ramble. IAA, the memory of your alliance is one I will cherish until the end of this silly game. I hope you enjoy your final resting place as part of GATO, that is a fitting end to your journey.

0/ IAA

Edit: I wish I had known Laser was posting before me. As always, his post has the eloquence I wish mine could have achieved.

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This announcement makes me sad. I remember the IAA of old. Strong, hardcore allies who rode into the valley of death and didn't come out the other side. I remember Chim. Kinda miss him, too.

Sorry you've come to this. Good luck in your endeavors.

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A sad day indeed, to our beloved friends in IAA, this is a day we did not wish to see come forth as well, but alas, so be it has. We gladly accept you into the Glorious halls of GATO and are beyond honored that you chose us to merge into. To our long time friends in the IAA, we wish you nothing but love to whichever path thou chooses to move forward with.

Onward and Steadfast IAA, Never to be forgotten.

o/ The Imperial Assault Alliance

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If all good things come to an end, then this is the greatest of all good things, and the saddest of all ends.

May you live on, not only in our memories, but in the waves of impact on Planet Bob, upon which we all sail to this day and onwards.

All hail the Imperial Assault Alliance. For now, and forever.

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[quote]Chimaera was a dynamic leader poaching left and right from any and all alliances. Sometimes the alliance seemed like a turnstile with new and unexpected members coming in often at a fairly brisk pace. He built a brash alliance whose influence and reputation far exceeded it's often meager statistics. He lived and breathed the alliance and came to embody it. But more importantly tried as best he could to make everyone welcome. In particular he was never afraid to welcome back old friends no matter how acrimonious their departure was.[/quote]

I could not have said this better myself Grundig, I thank you for your service to the now dead empire, it will be greatly missed, but sometimes you have to let something die in order to survive. IAA had been a shell of it's former self for essentially the last 6 months, we tried to reassemble her with Chimaera at her helm and we failed, my only regret is that it took this long to lay her to rest.

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When looking for a protector for the New Sakura Order long before I was Empress, I was torn between a protectorate with IAA or a protectorate with Nueva Vida. I had connections in both, and trusted both alliances with Sakura being in their hands. I eventually went with IAA due to talks with multiple people in government, including Voodoo Nova (now TLR). At the time, I was rather unsure and I mostly went with whom I was able to have the most contact with, whom looked more reputable, respectable, and honorable, and ended up trying to rush the agreement to be sure that Sakura could go off without a hitch, and with good treaties on founding.

Looking back it now, I was horribly wrong to even doubt choosing IAA as a protector. You guys have been excellent allies and have been there for us at every turn and bend, regardless of the circumstances leveled against us. When we were unjustly attacked, you were there. When we went in to burn for our allies, you were there, even if the alliance wasn't keen on it.

I can firmly say that I love you guys, and I'll miss you alot. Best of luck, wherever you go, as IAA will always live on in my books.

Thanks for the run we've had, it was great. Can't wait to get to know the folks over at GATO more, and hope you guys have a good one.

o/ Imperial Assault Alliance
o/ (former) Emperor Chimaera

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