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  1. That's a sudden 360 in attitude since I left your alliance. How am I not surprised in the slightest, however?
  2. The minute you set foot into the Ordo Orior, you solidify yourself as a kinmate of the weeaboos. Deary, moving AAs in order to collect and avoid being hit during collection is a valid war strategy. Stay mad, though. It suits you. Please show yourself the door. And back on topic... looking forward to working with you gents, Valhalla. I see many familiar names.
  3. Just wait until the forthcoming SOS 2.0 protectorate.
  4. I don't know, Proest, I'm pretty sure my ego died along with the old Nordreich.
  5. Some people change. And some people, like you and Arrnea, continue to cling to the past.
  6. I promise that you'll meet the dustbin of history long before we do. Ring a bell, Bern?
  7. And so it begins, the next part of my long journey. Here's to fun times and hard work with friends. o/ MI6
  8. Gee, the issues are cleared and the smoke is cleared? That's the most unfettered bullshit I've ever heard. Nice to see that this game never changes. Because whenever a juicy manhandle hangs out, it always needs somebody to suck it. And boy do people like sucking these days.
  9. Over at NsO was referring to being NsO, not in relation to. Read over it again.
  10. I've come up with the inevitable view that it was a 'bad idea', and the majority of people in Sakura screaming at me not to were right. See, there's a such thing as a close relationship in which the respective allies are friendly and everything is wonderful when they're both in their respective atmospheres. Which is why some alliances work out better as really good treaty partners, not as merger partners. This was one of those cases where we had a really good treaty partner over at NsO, but they weren't quite merger partners. The fit wasn't right enough.
  11. From the other side of Chaos, a firm and swift hello! Well, good luck with this guys. o/ TCB
  12. Good job those of you who stuck this out to the end. You deserve the most props.
  13. The Order is both eternal and supreme. You will be ruined, or you will be assimilated.
  14. Yay us, for whatever intent or purpose this decree was meant to accomplish!
  15. [quote name='Jonathan Brookbank' timestamp='1354516944' post='3059900'] You have Hereno, Kenfolk, and yourself ([b]someone who swore they would never in their life join one of the two alliances that merged to make this one, as it was complete and utter trash, and because the government, which is largely still the government here, were stupid and untrustworthy and other colorful descriptions[/b]) in your alliance. There isn't a worse alliance, other than maybe the ponies, than yours. [/quote] Wait, what? What delusions are these?
  16. [quote name='BloodFury' timestamp='1354500773' post='3059767'] What a terrible alliance. [/quote] Coming from somebody in a worse alliance, I find this laughable.
  17. I expect terrible things from this alliance. Don't let me down. [quote name='Jonathan Brookbank' timestamp='1353983854' post='3057298'] Go to your room, son. You are supposed to be in bed, not hearing this. [/quote] But you'll have run this whole thing into the ground before he wakes up! Might as well at least let him know of it's legacy.
  18. The flag could certainly use some work. Other than that, congrats to the Conglomerate and our allies in NSO on their new protectorate.
  19. [quote name='Bernkastel' timestamp='1350175018' post='3041203'] What set my attitude back? You seriously believed I had changed in some way, shape or form to adapt to survival and necessity. I can be fake sometimes too, you know. [/quote] It's sad that you feel that way, but alas, it is what is. You had so much hope, too. Being fake is something I learned to throw away long ago.
  20. [quote name='Jens of the desert' timestamp='1350160138' post='3041146'] I love how NsO is just Elrich in your post. Pretty much sums it up. [/quote] It's more because he doesn't like weeaboos, yet likes me for some reason...
  21. [quote name='Bernkastel' timestamp='1350158518' post='3041139'] I was hoping when I was told about this, it was a joke. Apparently, it is not. It doesn't have Saniiro so it doesn't have my illustrious seal of approval. Care to waste time recruiting me again, Elrich? I'm always game for it. [/quote] I'm surprised, you're attitude has gone back to that of months ago. What's set you back? And why would I ever do that? I've got better things to do.
  22. [quote name='Nemhauser' timestamp='1350139732' post='3041072'] Hey LSF, maybe these guys will fight your wars. [/quote] It's no surprise seeing you post that here, Nem.
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