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  1. [18:18] I wish everyone else would get over my ego.

  2. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/andy_staples/05/30/Jim.Tressel.OSU/index.html?eref=sihp&sct=hp_t11_a2 As a Michigan Football fan I have to say I am disappointed he was fired like this with sanctions. I'd have rather ran him out of Columbus the way we ran John Cooper out, by exposing his utter incompetence in big games. Also I think it would have been much more hilarious if this had happened on Good Friday that way OSU fans could crucify their savior on a more appropriate day. Anyway get ready for Fickell vs. Hoke part I the prelude to Hoke vs. Meyer part I.
  3. Peter King seemed to really believe Cam Newton would go the Panthers and I honestly think they are stupid enough to do it. The Bengals will probably go with AJ Green to shore up receiver and could pick a solid QB in a later round (or trade Palmer for someone later ).
  4. Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure we've decommed all ICBMs. I'd assume all nuking would be done with a a cruise missile with a nuclear warhead fired from a sub or dropped/fired from a B-2. The sub nukes were used as second strikes in a Cold War scenario but in regards to a country like North Korea or Iran with limited nuclear (if any) capacity I don't think it would be out of the question to use a sub fired nuke.
  5. knights of Ni had like 40+ members and well over 1mil NS when Athens hit them which is totally different than KN.
  6. About time he finally paid the price for that. Also lol for deleting all his improvements and wonders just an added bonus to the ZI.
  7. You want to make the game interesting and get people back in it. Bring back parity. CnG was completely outgunned until Karma but it got everyone together through diplomatic efforts and by pointing out the problems caused by those in power. Right now SG hasn't be as bad (yes I know how this will come off) as the hegemony of old, therefore its harder for alliances like TOP/NPO to rally alliances to their side to crush SG. What you need to do is start recruiting swing alliances to your side just like SG did with Sparta, ODN, FOK, and NpO then you could start a real resistance and make this game interesting.
  8. The government is pretty different now. In fact its quite a bit different. I think the only major players in Athens at the time Rsoxbronco1 and Jgoods45 are still in government although during that incident rsox wasn't active. Rush was low gov and Medtech doesn't do too much FA work but other than that all new people. But yeah I suppose this is a bit whiny and ironic.
  9. Coming from a person who was a high government member of the NPO when it was in power this is just rich. So you never never did 1. well lets go talk to UJP, LUE, NAAC, FAN, and others and see what they had to say about that. Also for #2 GPA really? Like that was a necessary war ditto for when you curbstomped GATO again and Legion. Like they were a threat of any sort and it was over a bs CB. And I'm going to assume 3 is about the Revenge Doctrine and no you guys never let your cronies pull something similar to that oh wait what... So you allowed FAN to get stomped after YN5...hmmm yeah get off the high horse. Really none of the NPO guys who post here whining have any right to say anything since they were all government at the time of all of NPO's high crimes against society. The only thing we can't really blame on NPO or Karma is people quitting and that is because this game sucks. The only thing that keeps it interesting are the people who play it and the various personalities. The game itself is awful with way to high of a learning curve to do it right so thats why the numbers tailed off.
  10. Well, I can attack my members for anything... and trust me, I will and have done it in the past. ;)

  11. Old black friends huh? Its not my fault I'm young and asian
  12. It would be fun to see Penkala at the helm of NPO it would be a race between Ramirus and him to see who can get their respective alliances to 1 member
  13. This Gramlins stuff has gotten to \m/ post-Unjust War bad. All the crying and whining when all it would have taken to fix it was possessing a pair and standing up for what you believed in. Fix it or leave and shut up since you had your chance and blew it.
  14. Penkala is a horrible poster. I can't think of anyone worse than him. He deserves to win this I mean this would be like Jeff Bridges winning the Oscar for best actor this year, its been a long time coming and well deserved.
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