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An Announcement from AZTEC


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Or is it?

[center][b]An Announcement from AZTEC[/b][/center]

War is horrible, war is pain, war is a lack of individuals to find common ground through peaceful means, but war is a way of life.

Hoka Hey, it is a good day in AZTEC. We do not ask for war, we try to avoid it wherever possible however when the blood of our brothers leaves their bodies we know it is needed. AZTEC appreciates her allies and AZTEC knows the spirit in which treaties are signed.

Nueva Vida hereby declares war upon the World Federation in name of our Siberian Tiger brothers and sisters. As we in AZTEC do not seek the destruction of our opponents, the remaining alliances are not declaring at this time. After all there is no honor in destroying an outnumbered opponent.

Good luck wF, let’s have some fun.

NV DoW’s wF
AZTEC supports the DoW and will counter any retalliation


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