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  1. As I was going to ask but kriekfreak beat me to it. A surprise I suppose. Hearty congratulations to you mates.
  2. [quote name='band20' timestamp='1320030822' post='2835468'] While I do appreciate the words, we would never have left NsO in a vulnerable economic state after a war. That said we will continue to aid them while they are undergoing reconstruction and until they are financially stable once more. Though we are small we hope to see our friends on their feet soon. While it may seem unusual to you that an alliance is honoring a treaty while in its cancellation phase, please understand that as our friends we would have offered financial aid to NsO regardless of the treaty state. We will always seek
  3. [quote name='Strykewolf' timestamp='1320119758' post='2836222'] Been a long time coming...mostly since I've been away. o7 Dark Templar, Blackhorse has your back. [/quote] I can almost swear that we have heard this since we first met you both across the field during Karma. I must say with absolute certainty that we are most pleased to see it come to fruition. Congratulations to you both on finally completely putting pen to paper, what you felt in your hearts for so very long. Cheers! Long Live Dark Templar! Long Live Blackhorse!
  4. Congratulations to both of you. An appreciative thanks for the brevity of the announcement. II suppose they must be charging by the letter now
  5. Have I told you how much I love your banner? Oh and I see what you did there props on the creativity! Congrats on your election, good luck to him.
  6. SyndicatedINC

    Betting time

    I can not speak as to Invicta's intent, however some feel that optional is important as a treaty should have intent NOT to be used unless the cause is just. Not arguing whether or not this is just nor if that was Invicta's idea behind the optional. Wanted to point out though that not everyone views it necessary or even proper to support allies if said allies have done something not worthy of support. Thus why they sign treaties with optional clauses. The intent or lack thereof is dependent entirely upon the justifications of the situation. Now I would also point out however that if we are
  7. SyndicatedINC

    CBs in CN.

    I must respectfully disagree, having myself been at war against people whom I did like, but for other reasons were on opposing sides of an issue being resolved via conflict.
  8. We shall surely miss seeing Chefjoe at the helm of that viking longboat. Truly sad to see this day come, although we shall not deny that he most decidedly has earned this rest. However Tron IX is more than capable of the role and we expect to see great things to come. Cheers and well wishes to you all! Long Live Chefjoe! Long Live Tron IX! Long Live Valhalla! [quote name='Wu Tang Clan' timestamp='1318915401' post='2827707']Is Bud out of retirement yet?[/quote] If so then may Admin have mercy upon us all! Kills men by the hundreds. And if he were here, he'd consume alliances with f
  9. [quote name='Flonker' timestamp='1318677790' post='2825574'] IT'S A TRAP!!! No, seriously, Avalon's pretty cool. Just be wary of those pies if you have substance abuse issues. [/quote] Ahh, that would be a different type of baked good we usually bring to parties.
  10. Somehow I missed this announcement. Well at least that is rectified. Congratulations good people. Was very excited to see you develop.
  11. If you love something let it go.... we knew that you would be back. Glad to see you again!
  12. Congratulations to you both. We certainly hold you both in high regard and expect to see great things come of this friendship. Long may it last!
  13. Welcome to the family The Last Republic. I promise to make an effort to swing on by and say hello. May even bring by one of our famous welcome to the neighbourhood pies.
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