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  1. SyndicatedINC

    Betting time

    I can not speak as to Invicta's intent, however some feel that optional is important as a treaty should have intent NOT to be used unless the cause is just. Not arguing whether or not this is just nor if that was Invicta's idea behind the optional. Wanted to point out though that not everyone views it necessary or even proper to support allies if said allies have done something not worthy of support. Thus why they sign treaties with optional clauses. The intent or lack thereof is dependent entirely upon the justifications of the situation. Now I would also point out however that if we are
  2. SyndicatedINC

    CBs in CN.

    I must respectfully disagree, having myself been at war against people whom I did like, but for other reasons were on opposing sides of an issue being resolved via conflict.
  3. Second this, as admin states the community should police itself.
  4. SyndicatedINC

    Hello FAN

    Would be fairly funny to show up to he driving range with that.
  5. Thank you to you and the other map makers for all the toil you do for the rest of us. It is appreciated
  6. SyndicatedINC

    Hello Duckroll

    I certainly would if I was them!
  7. First, thank you for all the hard work you put into this! Second a quick correction, Avalon did not attack FAN, and as far as we know neither did TPF, a quick check of the FAN warpages is showing only NPO nations.
  8. I have been following this from the start for the but this is the first I have heard about that first point aside from the lennox story, however in that variant it is Impero doing the spying. Also I completely disagree with your second point, jokingly directed a choice of targets and picking a name is no worse than sethb actively accepting spied information and then protecting the identity of the spy. The only difference is when it occurred (one case is before the screenshots the other is after).
  9. Also, I am not saying that the move was the wisest. It was VERY poor judgment on his part. However stupidity while not an excuse, is also not evidence of malice.
  10. Well that is what I meant by griefer. I know of rerolls in the past who came back in to the game to grief an alliance by stealing aid, roguing, and spilling internal secrets publicly while speaking of the actions as spying. Honestly reading the logs on that first day, before I got to the logs of the screenshots, that was what I thought lennox was implying that he was doing. There is a big difference between joking with an old friend turned griefer and running a spy operation wherein you recruit/select/train a spy, pick their target, send them in, and intentionally receive their informatio
  11. See that is the thing Bob, I have long respected your opinion, and mean no disrespect now. I agree with this first statement, that knowing of a spy but not informing on him isnt really a rock solid CB. It could be, it could not be, depending upon other outside circumstances, namely how the alliance in questions handles it. However with that in mind read your own statement here: By your own, and all the involved parties statements, Dajabo did not recruit the spy, the spy recruited himself and approached Dajabo. Dajabo did not order the chosen target, just pointing away from a less inter
  12. Okay I lol'ed. Allt hings considered it sounds tasty, then again its bacon and well o/ Bacon
  13. Bob Janova, I have often held you in high regard for presenting reasoned and respectable positions. This presentation is again no different. However while it is well composed, I find you are missing an important aspect of this and every other war discussion. That being, if we are to be honest about things, that people often begin their decision making process by first identifying which "side" they want to be in the right, and then working back from that point, interpreting the facts and forming judgment opinions of events in order that they inevitably lead to the already predetermined conc
  14. [quote name='Xiphosis' timestamp='1293978405' post='2560821'] Viva Provost. [/quote] Agreed, *bows* All hail the master!
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