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  1. I couldn't think of a good response to this when it was first announced, and words still fail me. o/ Quantum for your friendship, and good luck with the lodge!
  2. What?! I thought you guys agreed to finally ditch democracy and be a puppet government instead. I want my tequila back! Oh yeah, congratulations to the victors. I intend to punish you all. I kid, I kid. Just don't put NV's consulate on that list >_> I'm the worst embassy upkeep guy in CN.
  3. PA beat me to it, now I'm not posting any flower porn. Congrats on 5 years, but I'm disappointed. I really thought you'd be announcing your exit from neutrality and joining the war
  4. [quote name='Ragashingo' timestamp='1296711240' post='2617186'] ..Also, did NoR leave a long term friend on the battlefield like GATO did? [/quote] Nope. [quote name='Maleatu' timestamp='1296710512' post='2617155']... 2) WF is not bound to end their war against NV and Co; They are simply "encouraged" to do so. [/quote] Only an issue if NV has an issue with it... which we don't.
  5. [quote name='The MVP' timestamp='1296709895' post='2617126']Then rectify the situation because right now you guys look [i]awful[/i] in this one. [/quote] Look guys, if "The MVP" is saying you look awful, you did something right! There's nothing to rectify. NoR came in to help NV and accomplished its mission. I'm happy, NoR's happy, wF (ally of our ally, after all) is happy.
  6. I'm glad you two were able to give each other a happy ending. Thanks for the help, NoR!
  7. [quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1296629991' post='2615876'] Pheww! I was afraid that when you surrender to Sparta that you were going to try to sneak through the term that Sparta had to pay you 20,000 tech or something. Good to know your alliance supports petty joke threads. Shall I post a joke thread about how my NpO guy never nuked me once despite being my only war for several days? [/quote] Our alliance supports [limited] freedom of expression on forums. I don't see iFOK coming by to condemn your petty little rant, either. You have my condolences, iFOK. Also, are you really
  8. Oh, don't worry about that, Steve. NV has not sought reps from Sparta... medals are free In case you didn't notice, it was a joke thread (not an alliance announcement), and everyone had a good time with it... especially Tulak.
  9. [quote name='Hyperion321' timestamp='1296623447' post='2615658'] This is cute. In exchange for your award, Sparta bequeaths upon NV the coveted "Quick! Hide in peace mode so Alex doesn't ZI you in a week!" medal. By the way, get more tech. You guys need it. [/quote] Hey, I remember you! Thanks for giving me tech for the last week
  10. [quote name='Tulak Hord' timestamp='1296618512' post='2615541'] Thank you for the award but I seriously don't think it's anything compared to your own award. However, I'm not sure you guys deserve it just yet. We at least use fighters, ya know You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Supreme Peoples. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation: Total Aircraft: 105 Aircraft Fighter Strength: 0 Aircraft Bomber Strength: 945 [/quote] You must be unfamiliar with CN's war system. They're s
  11. [quote name='Trinite' timestamp='1296533700' post='2613897'] You're late! Welcome to the fray. [/quote] Sorry, I made them wait until the Nemiroff was chilled to my satisfaction. Welcome to the fight, AB, and thanks for both lending a hand and waiting so long.
  12. [quote name='Sam Winters' timestamp='1296372974' post='2610774'] Bye bye Second Tier. Having two Spartans Ghost you because you can't take the heat doesn't add up to mid-war gains... Just like a DoW doesn't add up to a counter. [/quote] [quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1296419828' post='2611429'] Aww, u mad? [/quote] I am! How dare they! Those are our targets. Give them back!
  13. Why go all the way to your local planning department for notification when they were posted in game? I'm feeling pretty left out at the moment, though
  14. Why have you betrayed us? I thought you were our allies! Oh, welcome to the fight, and happy hunting
  15. [quote name='Enrage' timestamp='1295934901' post='2599002'] Quick, somebody hit this guy. [/quote] Don't worry, he was one of Sparta's first targets. Gotta hit inactives first...?
  16. o/ Good luck and welcome to the fight! Good to have you side-by-side with us again
  17. [quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1295851883' post='2596105'] http://www.cybernations.net/search.asp?searchstring=Alliance%2CGovernment_Type&search=nueva+vida+anarchy&anyallexact=all&Strength1=&Strength2= Apparently one minute later they anarchied another 14 [/quote] Care to re-do the anarchy count? Current stats are showing 16 in NV, 22 in Sparta... and Sparta seems to have primarily targeted our inactives?
  18. [quote name='Sandwich Controversy' timestamp='1295851290' post='2596065'] Reminder that NV is one of the least active alliances that exist (68% now). [/quote] [quote name='BlkAK47_002' timestamp='1295851590' post='2596085'] You'd be surprised how war may affect their activity levels. [/quote] No, he's absolutely right. We only have 3 active members, and 2 of them are a multi. Don't bother with war chests, guys, you won't need them. Actually, don't even bother quadding or coordinating attacks, you've got this!
  19. Can you draw me a picture of the chain here? I'm feeling lazy. Also, hello
  20. [quote name='Raffaello' timestamp='1295839548' post='2595324'] So RoK declares on VEs ally and is chastised for it, NV does it and everything is gravy? Best of luck NV, you're a great group with (some) great allies. [/quote] [quote name='WarriorConcept' timestamp='1295839694' post='2595328'] It's almost like RoK declared in defense of someone who sent a spy to VE. [/quote] Nah, I agree with Raffaello. NV has some great allies on both sides of this conflict. Hopefully everyone will take this for the good fun it should be, and wF and NV will come away from this war with mutual respe
  21. [quote name='Redneck' timestamp='1295838500' post='2595278'] Please, do share your misguided logic as to our "Goof"....... [/quote] No need to share logic, just tell us exactly who is attacking us and when.
  22. [quote name='Redneck' timestamp='1295837324' post='2595226'] Any time baltus! (anytime you attack STA that is...) [/quote] Speak for yourself! You don't have to attack STA... if we both get bored in another year of Hippy CN, we can always just fight each other for fun. I think you'll have a good time with us
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