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  1. Probs a joke. First time I tried it, it said invalid coordinates. Then, I messed up and got this... You're welcome! Moon Mine Owner: Alaric Mine Effectiveness: 50% Resource: Titanium Last Moved: 4/2/2013 Date Purchased: 3/30/2013 Expires: 447 Days Location: 15.96133, -6.32813
  2. Also... A hearty welcome to Colossus! This thread needs moar overalls... Auctor?
  3. [quote name='Mr Havok' timestamp='1354904453' post='3061482'] Where is kuhnini and Alaric [/quote] Still Kickin Hovok, how's you? We're still having fun at the Lodge. Stop on over y'all. Personally, I plan to eat a large cheesecake to celebrate
  4. strange days indeed. but, sadly i agree. haven't seen those cool cats at DAWN in ages!
  5. oh... didn't we call this a duel, back in the day?
  6. Congrat's and best wishes! I'll take some coffee ice cream if you got it...
  7. Happy Anniversary! and... I like your graphics
  8. Is it ok if I refer to you guys as NoR 2.0? Also, hey there Arod!
  9. o/ TORN I lift a white-russian to you both!
  10. impersonating alliance president's is not cool mkay? IF there was a misunderstanding on the reps as some have alleged - then take it to the proper channels. o/ IRON for keeping it real!
  11. This is awesome! A hearty welcome to Aurora Borealis Join us on the "Plaza del Sol" for calisthenics at 5am tomorrow!
  12. this is how this looks on my side of the globe: a. Gibsonator21 and Requia (CSN) attack Dave93(TIO) on June 12 b. MK chooses to accept Dave93 while: 1. at war; 2. on an acknowledged ZI list c. Didn't your mother teach you not to admit nations with wars/issues?
  13. TOP what have you done? Centurius must be stopped! But honestly, what took you so long? Congrat's Cent!
  14. that is one [b]powerful[/b] combination! congratulations
  15. you are stopping at 50, but now you have 56 members! please explain
  16. you should play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' with NpO to see who gets to keep the [b]Polar[/b] theme
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