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  1. That was a yes or no question.
  2. I asked, who you suggested. Perhaps you are the one with the ESL.
  3. Do you need a hug?
  4. What peer AAs would you suggest?
  5. I too own a dictionary.
  6. Cool story bro.
  7. Sorry, you guys are doing something? Hard to notice such small annoyances.
  8. I hope you folks enjoy your retirement.
  9. It is good to see the lodge still alive and kicking. Congratulations!
  10. [quote name='Unknown Smurf' timestamp='1350521983' post='3042270'] inb4 BFF joins C&G. [/quote] I wish I had an imagination as vast as yours.
  11. Sad to see a former ally and wonderful alliance go. Good luck in NATO.
  12. Horrible govt and alliances. <insert more negative comments>
  13. Should have just asked for tech instead of this duel business. Still congrats on peace and such.
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