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  1. Fare thee well AB you shall be missed! p.s. don't be giving Auctor so much credit. you know how he gets
  2. hey - i know some of youse guys! :ehm: faretheewell TLR i'm sure you could crash on Cyphon's bean-bag while you get settled...
  3. y'all made me recover my password and everything! this is certainly worth my first post in at least 6 months. welcome Sengoku! :smug: Auctor owes me $3.50 Phil owes me a tour of London
  4. And then there were 3 ! Welcome to AZTEC, DT ! Very much impressed with your war-skilz and your integrity :) o/ AZTEC
  5. Couldn't you have reformed before your 'little issue' with Umbrella? :ehm:
  6. Probs a joke. First time I tried it, it said invalid coordinates. Then, I messed up and got this... You're welcome! Moon Mine Owner: Alaric Mine Effectiveness: 50% Resource: Titanium Last Moved: 4/2/2013 Date Purchased: 3/30/2013 Expires: 447 Days Location: 15.96133, -6.32813
  7. Looks great! o/ our great friends at AB :ehm:
  8. Thanks chef! Yes Yes! And of course good luck and much love to the illustrious Penedono. Lead on Pene, Lead on!
  9. I have no clue if you are on 'my' side of the war or not... But, I must hail your post for the history lesson ;)
  10. Hey! I thought you were joe-GOONS? Best wishes though
  11. [quote name='vandelsand' timestamp='1358830734' post='3083052'] hahahahahahahahahaha i can't even comment on how hilarious this is. I hope it ends well for Umb, MK, ToP, and ODN.. (etc...) [/quote] this saddens me! onward to victory!
  12. [quote name='Xiphosis' timestamp='1358708479' post='3081091'] [b]Lion[/b] is our new Lord of the Interior, taking over for the late great Balder. Wish him well. [/quote] I'll wish him 'ok'
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