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  1. Probs a joke. First time I tried it, it said invalid coordinates. Then, I messed up and got this... You're welcome! Moon Mine Owner: Alaric Mine Effectiveness: 50% Resource: Titanium Last Moved: 4/2/2013 Date Purchased: 3/30/2013 Expires: 447 Days Location: 15.96133, -6.32813
  2. [quote name='Alaric' timestamp='1317469273' post='2813299'] here's an attempt for the number crunchers: [img]http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/1276/moon101.png[/img] [/quote] can you see the image? anyway 55, -26 yields 71%
  3. here's an attempt for the number crunchers: [img]http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/1276/moon101.png[/img]
  4. Danke Schoen guys! [img]http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/4421/moon71.png[/img]
  5. (-34.99999999, 142.000000000) This is it! 100% Thanks Chintan and everyone else who helped!
  6. Where are all the comments then?

  7. [quote name='SyndicatedINC' timestamp='1293973817' post='2560793'] I would suggest someone try -20, 165 next [/quote] Excellent tip! Location: -20.26094, 165.72937 = 97%
  8. Just wanted to say [b]thanks[/b] for this thread! Just moved my base for the first time and got 99%.
  9. Hey WD!

    I cleaned up the cobwebs and dust in here, so you can come back now!

  10. Congratulations TORN ! [center][img]http://th06.deviantart.net/fs41/300W/i/2009/009/2/2/Orange_Love_by_Savvii.jpg[/img][/center]
  11. Good Luck to All! But, watch out for [u]this[/u] guy: [center][img]http://casitamex.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/bobby-flay.JPG[/img][/center]
  12. [center][img]http://www.square-n-compass.net/forum/uploaded/sigs%20&%20seals/GMSeal.png[/img][/center] On or about May 18, 2010 The Grand Lodge of Freemasons reached [b]4 Mil[/b] in Alliance Strength I would like to [b]THANK[/b] the following groups: I. Lodge Nations - For their commitment to the alliance and for their nation-building acumen; II. Lodge Councils - For their leadership, dedication and nurturing of the GLoF 'Brotherhood'; III. Lodge Allies - Without whose counsel and protection we should not have reached this milestone. Lastly, here is a candid photo of Charles
  13. Hooray! We welcome [b]UoE[/b] to this new chapter in Aztec's history.
  14. This is good news indeed! I trust the Dark One implicitly
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