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  1. [quote name='Sam Winters' timestamp='1296372974' post='2610774'] Bye bye Second Tier. Having two Spartans Ghost you because you can't take the heat doesn't add up to mid-war gains... Just like a DoW doesn't add up to a counter. [/quote] [quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1296419828' post='2611429'] Aww, u mad? [/quote] I am! How dare they! Those are our targets. Give them back!
  2. [quote name='Biazt' date='19 May 2010 - 07:36 PM' timestamp='1274322984' post='2304063'] Thank you for this post. Now you can work at not giving every 2 man alliance a protectorate. Or should we do something about it? [/quote] So you're saying you've decided you're not going to recognize our protectorates because you feel we're over our quota? Any alliance who backs such a position is at least as bad as hegemony ever was, in my book. And now I'll wander back to retirement at the nursing home.
  3. Congratulations to UoE! I've never been disappointed with any AZTEC alliances, and I'm sure you'll hold yourselves to those same high standards. Mad props to all of AZTEC govt for getting this done before I could even login to the forums and give you my sig makes me proud
  4. Hey! Quit interrupting their chest-thumping with all your facts and logic! Yay Invicta! Way to sacrifice your members for no good reason!
  5. [quote name='Voodoo Nova' date='14 February 2010 - 09:53 AM' timestamp='1266170036' post='2180909'] Welcome to politics. Fact of the matter is, 57th was your ally. You treated your ally like they were not even worth a damn to you, and it shows through the government and the membership. 57th deserved better than this, especially from someone they considered a friend. [/quote] Geez, that sounds heinous! You'd think GLOF joined planning channels of both sides of the war and fed intel to one side while secretly telling the other side they were coming in the next update or something!
  6. Sorry, but the screenshots Veneke provided to GLOF are as fake as can be, and they were provided directly. I'm sure GOD would be the first to say "let's just talk this one out" if fake screenshots were used to expel and then attack one of your members. These aren't just obvious forgeries, they're poorly done forgeries.
  7. [quote name='Aeternos Astramora' date='10 February 2010 - 01:22 AM' timestamp='1265793775' post='2172364'] 17 alliandes vs. TOP. Wow. [/quote] To be fair TOP declared against half of them
  8. An unfortunate but understandable DOW. Best of luck to all allies and allies of allies in this war.
  9. Good luck to our friends in Polaris. I know this wasn't an easy decision to make, nor an easy one to announce.
  10. Don't worry, there were some super secret terms behind the scenes on this one. Among others, Harry will never be in FOK! govt again--his only job is to return as diplomat to NV. Erikz is not allowed to post on OWF anymore, either. I know it seems harsh, but this is for the good of all CN! I wish I could accept your thanks, Ezequiel, but Smooth from VE did the mediation and the legwork. VE ... we just came and grabbed you and everyone else so we could all end it together and at once. -- Also, huge thanks and respect to our opponents in this one. You all fought hard and honorably, and
  11. Indeed. Y'know, this wouldn't be possible if Orange would get back together again *wink wink nudge nudge*, otherwise it's a bit unfair to criticize them. Feel free to yell at us for being the insensitive clods who keep putting them in this position, though
  12. Hmm... I've got respect for them in addition to 25 nukes with their names on them, but other than that I've gotta say that we definitely all feel the same way.
  13. I really expected better trolling from someone who has a trolling law named after him. Noted. I look forward to the fight I'm quite sure FOK will give us. Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but I do have to ask about your sig image, because it confuses me. I remember being in Friends > Infra, side-by-side with NpO as PC was attacking us preemptively for being allied to Polar, so I know you guys weren't Friends > Infra that time. When did you start using the moniker? This is an honest question, as I am rather sleepy and could just be confused. You're now upset with us for honor
  14. You're the one who said you had an issue with it. So... do you seriously have an issue with it? If so, what's the issue? If you don't seriously have an issue with it, then were you trying to make a joke or something?
  15. I gave them sufficient warning--my DOW message to Erikz was "Your protectorate is canceled!" I should've actually said "suspended", though. I intend to resume our protectorate agreement after the war.
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