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  1. We let jerdge in? :O Er, I mean... of course jerdge is in!
  2. I have composed a poem for Viluin, which I feel is very expressive of the situation. The following is an original composition: [i]A nuke-rogue called Viluin (a villain), Was fond o' the bombin' and killin'. Then he got in a fray, With the ol' GPA. Now he ain't findin' nukes quite so thrillin'...[/i]
  3. [quote name='Don Chele' timestamp='1330912350' post='2933551'] I condemn this election as just another attempt by prob to avoid the hall of fame by maintaining a constant governmental position. On the other hand, I applaud the GPA for finally convincing Caz to take the driver's seat. All good people on that list. [/quote] Actually, this is the second time they've convinced me to do it. But thanks!
  4. [quote name='Raptor1752' timestamp='1327910560' post='2910484'] Hi, I'm a bit new to these forums (or, more rather, that I don't visit this place often), and I would just like to know if my semi-fictional Majapahit flag is a good enough flag: It is based upon the supposed Majapahit flag and the current Indonesian Naval Jack and the Surya Majapahit (The symbol of Majapahit). Yes, I know that the black does not distinguish well with the red, but what of the other things about the flag? [/quote] It's certainly a damned sight better than most of the crap that people use as flags around here.
  5. Congrats to the other neutral Greenies for entering the Sanction Race.
  6. What what? What's that I see? Oh my, oh my, how can it be? When last I looked, we were at three... Neutrals on a gaining spree!
  7. is NOT the GPA President.

  8. I'd say that this sort of [b]is[/b] a DoE. Also, you're probably going to be raided soon.
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