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  1. Best of luck. Fought against you guys twice and ya always had a respectable, never quit attitude.
  2. We are a completely different alliance, look at our flag..it's a cute fuzzy hamster looking wombat and stuff. We're different!
  3. Doombird Empire and WWF Order La Sith Warriors ​ Reavers of the Call Federation Order of Defensive Experts ​ Viridian Countries and Card Powers ​ Independent Ninjas​ Table​
  4. Playing our DoE / theme song one last time! Mortal Wombat !!!!!
  5. Going to miss Mortal Wombat. We started out with great promise but eventually like many out there, we lost interest or have rl things to deal with. Still had the best DoE of all time :)
  6. NpO signs treaty = coalition war NpO cancels treaty = curbstomp war
  7. Grats Baltus, the boy who would be king. Your training is complete :)
  8. Grats to our friends in Umbrella. Probably will be one of the last alliances standing til the very end.
  9. Whatup TK and former UCoN members in DT, have fun. Whatup smontag :)
  10. Weren't you in Legion and led them to defeat NSO in the past? My memory not so great. Have fun fun though, always had respect for Kaskus.
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