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    Ornithology, drumming, living in tax exile and selling millions of drab records.

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  1. [quote name='McGuigan' timestamp='1343485114' post='3016398'] Anyone still about? How does one join? [/quote] WAPA is still going. You need to head over here and apply - http://www.wearepertharmy.co.uk/
  2. Dear Phil Collins:

    More Phil Collins, please.


    All the cool people

  3. [quote name='iwin90' timestamp='1340199631' post='2989987'] glof on top of col [/quote] Less of that sort of talk please, we're a family alliance.
  4. Still playing this silly game aswell then?

  5. You crabby old bugger

  6. /me switches on the microwave

  7. Who are ya?

    Who are ya?

    Who are ya?

  8. [quote name='Hymenbreach' timestamp='1303292490' post='2694502'] Back in the sanction race. How I've sorta missed you, when the thought occurred. [/quote] Something tells me the Grand Lodge might move up the ranks a tad shortly.
  9. Where are all the comments then?

  10. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1302058931' post='2685220'] [color=orange]The Grand Lodge of Freemasons[/color] passes [color=black]Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and Sadism[/color] [/quote] Puts a padlock on. That's the way it stays.
  11. [quote name='Charles the Great' timestamp='1301896010' post='2683838'] we lost an old nation yesterday also......agreed not cool at all. [/quote] If you'd of posted more beer maidens that deletion virus wouldn't have got him!
  12. [quote name='Njero' date='12 February 2010 - 03:04 AM' timestamp='1265940295' post='2176079'] Recognitions: [list=1] [*]I recognize that SDI success is entirely under the purview of the RNG. [*]I recognize that the mood of the RNG does not reflect in any way the prowess of a combatant. [*]I recognize that there are elements of the following that can be used for the purpose of propaganda by either side of this conflict. [*]I recognize that the following is still absolutely hilarious. Take it, use it, love it, hate it. [/list] [img]http://yourfaceisawebsite.com/images/albums/userpics/100
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