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  1. As reiterated before, Pete has been a great presence at our forum... always good to have him around. Don't know much about Old Guard but nice to see relations being formed through Zenith.
  2. Great to see our Blood Brothers in Blue, and here was me thinking we couldn't get any closer.
  3. Reps for FoB I can understand, they have took a terrible pounding and to be honest $500 million is a drop in the ocean for what they went through. What I don't understand, is out of the other 16 alliances, why is GOONS wanting reps? Prestige? Because if that is the case there are many alliances in the list well before you.
  4. [quote name='TheXerox' date='14 February 2010 - 10:27 PM' timestamp='1266186464' post='2181366'] Many thanks to Nevermore for putting up a good fight in the face of overwhelming odds. My attacker (Tamurin) fought admirably to the end and any alliance he/she is in should consider themselves to be most fortunate. I raise my bottle in salute to you, Nevermore, and to you, Tamurin! [/quote] Just a shame he isn't at the alliance he founded (The Foreign Division). Come back Tamurin!
  5. [quote name='Mayzie' date='07 February 2010 - 04:57 AM' timestamp='1265518662' post='2166032'] Somtimes you're so witty I find it so difficult to respond, either that or you're unable to grasp the concept of a non chaining treaty, a policy on the disagreement with the CB of the war, which was perfectly acceptable by your buddies NEW when they did it by the way and the fact that WAPA did in fact enter the war via a treaty. I know it's sometimes difficult to see it through your clouded glasses, but maybe you should try to look a bit harder before making stupid assumptions and comments you thi
  6. Look WAPA it's nothing personal. We tried everything to get out helping NATO... we read over all our PIAT's and minor treaties looking for some way to get out our MDoAP, but wasn't to be. But I know for a fact in the future the guys here said they would send all our treaty's over to yourselves. I mean if there is anyone who could find a loop hole in getting out a treaty it would be you lot wouldn't it.
  7. Honestly, remove that flag from the Op because if you really do care about it then you won't put it through the shame it's going through now.
  8. Ach let them have their fun Wentworth. They might have a chance this time.
  9. NADC... you just have got a big TFD salute from myself. [img]http://foreigndivision.org/Smileys/default/salute_tfd.gif[/img]
  10. I'll try my best, but with you being double my strength and both of us on a slippy downward slope from now on I don't think it's going to happen.
  11. Hello K, nice to see you. Is it not time your due back to us? All who leave us always come back but you really are dragging it out.
  12. First off who said we were conducting a blitz? Second, and in my case and I'm sure happened with other TFD members, our target jumped into peace mode before we could hit them. So please if they are the power house claimed to be then come back out of peace mode (The ones that are in it).
  13. So why does your profile say from 'London'?
  14. A Scottish ultimatum from London... Maybe you should move to Edinburgh 'King Douglas Of Scotland' to give your ultimatum more strength.
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