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  1. That's crazy because he is also the MoFA for NSO as well.
  2. [quote name='Ironfist' timestamp='1318650870' post='2825425'] No one is winning yet, just shut up and war. This cyber &#$@ waving is getting a little tiresome Do it in a different thread, at the very least. [/quote] This should be stickied in every forum.
  3. How about no, Exodus scum. Capitalization is very important to us. We shall go with The Last Remnants and use TLR. scum? scum?? i'll rassle your head into a knot mr. tLR scum
  4. The bigger men, eh.. way to show them! Not that it matters much but it'd seem if you didn't like an alliance you wouldn't want to be confused with them all of the time. Now folks are going to have to ask which TLR people are referring to xD Maybe it will set a new trend and we can get two NPO and two NSO AAs while we're at it buoyancy bb
  5. Or leave it as tLR and stop being petty over an acronym that was already in use... but whatever floats your boat, I guess.
  6. She's the new O.J. But more to it, her kid disappeared and she went out partying and having a good ole time while lying to her family that the two year old was fine and with a nanny. The nanny was just a lie though and never existed. The babies corpse was found in the brush with duct tape over her mouth and nose. Common sense led the State of Florida to pursue a case but only on circumstantial evidence. She kept her mouth shut and walked free. It happens but while some find peoples outrage funny, I find it funny that they are shocked that people are pissed off and out for blood.. some peopl
  7. LOL number 2 cracked me up
  8. Well, at least we can all agree that Grace is a !@#$%* heh. But then again, that's her thing.. she has the drama queen niche locked down.
  9. "The kid" was a sweet little two year old girl. Once you have a girl of your own perhaps you will think differently.
  10. "Justice in America has come along way. Sometimes it yields results we don't particularly like, but I for one am thankful for the strong and fair justice system we have in the US, and personally, I think it works perfectly." I can agree with most of what you said, but it won't stop people from being upset and even pissed off. They'll get over it though heh. But about the part of our system being perfect? you must have chosen the wrong word because no system is perfect. I'll give you a link to show you ten examples of how imperfect the system is. Of course thats just ten, God knows how many
  11. HoT, that's all fine but we'll have to agree to disagree that this is a case to be celebrated. There's been a two year old child thrown in the brush like trash and nobody to be held accountable. Innocent men head to death row sometimes, and sometimes the guilty walk free on technicalities or insufficient proof. I'll not celebrate either. But since Casee didnt do it. Either the family did it, or a stranger, which went unreported. Not only that, the mother fabricated stories during the time she was missing to make it appear she was OK. That or the two year old girl grabbed a roll of duct tape
  12. Slander of a woman who went partying and lied to the police to hide the fact her child was missing for a month? I don't see it happening. And yes, what a victory. A baby killer walks free. Rejoice! Sure the system worked but why would you want to celebrate someone getting off because they hid the body long enough and didn't confess. O/ O.J right? Agreed opinion about Nancy Grace though.. she's a real piece of work xD
  13. You're too nice for the military. Stay safe and take care. O/
  14. tLR has 44 members to go though.. I think NG will do it, without any problems.
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