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  1. This is funny.. It wasn't even 4 months ago, I got a recruitment message from GOD.. While I was under the TORN AA.. The guy admitted his mistake and apologized. We went about our way. Now the same mistake is made later by another alliance and you make a blog ramming them for it? I vote GOD for being the worstest alliance in this. My reason being Hippocrates and trying to publicly ramming an alliance for making the same mistake that there alliance has. I mean I am not surprised that this caliber of show comes from an alliance that really never had anything important to gain attention for in t
  2. Yes, you are wrong. We never made an agreement with Avalon about their 21 days. Once we found out about it, we simply said that that was not an arrangement we would be interested in going along with, and welcomed our coalition to make an entirely separate peace that did not involve VE and Avalon, especially since they had just decided to bring people out of peace mode for the first time and actually make it a real war. Our stance was, they can peace out like everyone else, or simply not get the peace they wanted and were expecting from DH. Later we were asked if we would simply accept a white
  3. Wait so we have two pages of arguing, and the only thing that makes any sense is VE got a little roughed up by Polar, then went to the NPO front, Declared on Avalon who were told 21 more days of war and white peace.. So Avalon came up with a great strategy to stay in PM till the last minute then come out dumping as much nook damage as possible, and VE was like oh noes, someone out smarted us, now we have to derail peace... Did I get that right? Usually when alliances say you have to fight "xx" more days, its because you want to do as much damage as possible to them to make paying any reps i
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