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  1. [quote name='Lord Valleo' timestamp='1310149353' post='2752679'] You dislike the NPO, really??? No worries pmoses, there is a warm spot in the fire for you as well. I was going to address the "they turn tail and run" but then I considered the source. [/quote] See that source comment would rib a normal person the wrong way, and get them steaming off with a few misguided words. However to know it was your leader that tried to get peace for your alliance only, while leaving the rest of the "puppets" out there to burn before any of the others decided to ask for there peace just goes to show who really tucks tail and runs. But this isn't about that time period. This is about you guys again leaving an alliance out there that bled for you ( as small as the three of them that don't run to peacemode can bleed) when they would probably need your help. Again NPO is faced with a war, and again NPO is finding ways to hide from it. I just call out the facts. I for one am not gonna praise you for turning your backs on a ally, even if the ally is the joke of planet bob. As for the warm spot in the fire, I am still waiting on someone to attempt to put me there. I am just 100% positive it won't be someone wearing a NPO AA.. your running out of puppets.
  2. [quote name='Letum' timestamp='1310146077' post='2752623'] We love you too PMoses. [/quote] Please, for the sake of all of us. Don't.
  3. Although I dislike Legion, I am sure it is known that I dislike NPO also. Though this actually is a good thing for Legion, it does not surprise me that when an ally would most likely need NPO to back them, they turn tail and run. Good timing on a cancellation of a treaty, when there was a chance of Legion actually needing you to help them in a war, instead of them being the puppets to you for once pacifica. Sooner or later I hope all your allies realize your false friendship for what it is, and leave you hanging a lone as you have done to Legion here. Legion this is a blessing in disguise for you though. Take the time, and make the effort to rebuild a name for yourself. Take the steps needed to regain some of your credibility, and show a bit of competence. For the god of planet bob's sake, attack NSO even if it goes horrid, show your not just going to stand by and let the world spy on you as they please. o/ Legion for gaining a new start. Now take it and make it work. NPO, meh... burn and die already.
  4. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1309823631' post='2748856'] U mad? Then avoid each other. [/quote] [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1309823872' post='2748864'] You spied on the Legion and people should feel sympathy for NSO? [/quote] [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1309838986' post='2749094'] If you have a CB against Legion, then go for it and stop biqouring. [/quote] I find it funny that an alliance that can not do anything themselves and leave there friends out to dry until they have no choice but to fight themselves, and do poorly at it seems to feel the need to weigh in on this situation so heavily. I understand that Legion and TPF are the only alliances in this world that haven't grown up and started thinking for themselves, and still choose to be mindless Pacifican puppets means you should stand up for them, but you should have started 3 threads ago, not at the tail end of the last thread to the little war. I mean honestly the little Pacifican beating there chest thing is funny.. we all know if war breaks out your gonna hide behind everyone else till you have no one to hide behind, then claim wrong doing when you get slammed in a war.. so save the talk.
  5. Well regardless of tech raiding being moral or unmoral, right or wrong, it happens. Most alliance rules state that a 10 or less man alliance that is unprotected is fair game. Your 4 man alliance with no treaties or protection is a bad idea, and announcing it on the OWF is even worse idea. You do understand that Non-Grata is full of ex-PC members, and that is not a group of people I would threaten a full blown war with only 4 other people backing you. Take the peace and go on about your business. Asking for reps was dumb, and not having protection is dumber. Take his inital peace offer, and just go on, and go find a bigger alliance to sign a protectorate with to avoid any further actions.
  6. NSO, Exodus, and AZN would roll TLR, NPO, and Legion.. Just saying well okay a little exaggeration there, NPO is still pretty big numbers wise compared to the other 3, but still... Someone has to instigate it a little more apparently. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1309821871' post='2748826'] Seeing as its obvious The Legion wouldn't be able to win the war, NSO showed more balls when poaching from GPA, TDO, and WTF. The Legion started this because you spied on them, and they vocalized it. If any alliance of Doomhouse spied on NSO, we'd see more than one thread about it. [/quote] I thought you guys were still friends, now your scolding them? Okay okay, NSO stop being bad the big p has spoken
  7. [quote name='LittleRena' timestamp='1309730865' post='2747915'] Other people have been doing it and posting logs since then though. [/quote] Which is exactly the reason why win or lose, The Legion should be doing something about this.
  8. [quote name='ShouAS' timestamp='1309726557' post='2747882'] Question, I am only at 2.7k in infra yet it takes about 10m for a 20day back collection cycle. How exactly do thoes nations with only 20m wc actually manage to do back collections since I am assuming it costs them more. [/quote] There probably not running full 20 days. Its pretty obvious by there collective surplus in cash, they don't know what a sled is in the first place
  9. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1309723580' post='2747853'] I dont have less than 70% spy odds on any legion member in my range, how hard is it to buy 50 spies? [/quote] That's five million dollars Mogar, and if you have been reading the worldly spy reports floating around, they don't have the money to spare.
  10. [quote name='Hymenbreach' timestamp='1309711499' post='2747722'] Legion goes to war. Ridicule ensues. Legion doesn't go to war. Ridicule ensues. Otoh, only one of these options also loses tech, cash and infra. [/quote] I would much rather lose tech, cash, and infra to save a little self respect, then to take this much ridicule and not make one move. Thus turning me into even more of a laughing stock then I already am. Legion for any PR value you have left, and any chance of making future friends.. Going to war is the only option. If you don't move, I can almost say no one outside of Pacifica will ever treaty you, and well having Pacifica as a friend doesn't get you very far as you can tell already.
  11. [quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1309720874' post='2747823'] Ok i confess. i spied all those nations for NSO. Lets get it on, Legion [/quote] I spied a few to to be honest /me shrugs Dear LOLegion, Please stop being lame, and declare on the ebil Sith for spying on you. K thanks
  12. There is one simple way of seeing if Varianz is guilty or not. Varianz if you would so kindly friend, share with us screenshots of your spy screen? I mean you don't have nothing to prove to us, but just saying with this the argument could have been over with by now, or maybe if there is incriminating evidence on there, legion will feel safe about rolling you without making a fail poll
  13. I have to say, just to save self respect for myself if I was in Legion, and had to deal with this, I would have quit and rogued by now since my leaders are inept. (I know bad grammer.. one i don't care and two work with me, bit tipsy)
  14. [quote name='DanDesade' timestamp='1309667402' post='2747421'] At present i beleive we will continue to go about our merry business, there being no real reason to do anything more as it would accomplish little and waste money/resources better dedicated elsewhere. [/quote] Then why waste our time with 10 pages of failure you have provided us? That money would be better spent by building aid falls to well, build up a war chest.. assuming MK, and the others are just joking about you, and you seriously have more then 2 nations with any war chest what so ever. Though its getting dismal due the spy reports I have been privy too.. There is definitely some LOLtastic numbers there. You are right about one thing, Attackign the SITH would accomplish nothing for Legion, and would well be a waste of your 3mil warchests due to the loses you'd incur on your first night of war. Thank you for admitting that to the cyberverse.. We can continue to LOL at you now.
  15. Wai... is LOLegion actually trying to downgrade someone else's war efforts? LOL.. Really?? Legion, seriously?? I can honestly say, after being in the era where legion was an ally of a few of the past alliances I was in, and seeing them run to peace mode, or try to be like " hey guys please don't make a war, we has no monies," and laughing at you as you walked out the war rooms pounding your pacifiers in your mouths, I can say I would trust the Sith to back me a whole lot more then trusting Legion.. Besides, NSO either Pre Empt them, or stop wasting your pixels dudes, they really aren't worth your time Legion, shut up the bawwwing already and either hit them, or go on about your merry little business. Trust me, your not gonna be able to outwit or out post RV, give it up.
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