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  1. I foul is a foul though. Great game, but again a foul is a foul, no matter the time on the clock or where on the court.
  2. You guys put to much stock in blogs, at least this wasn't a thread. Or i can be all like; I can't find a meaning to your posts about a personal blog, yo.
  3. I hope you never honour an "optional" treaty....
  4. Since it's basically a number from your area, dont you think it's more likely that you pissed someone off in real life recently then someone from this game? Or maybe you play this game way to much and this should serve as a wake up call if your first reaction is to think someone here is stalking you, with a number from your area.
  5. Gopher, Exodus is not on the "Viridian" Side.
  6. I personally don't want my girl to be a sports fan.
  7. Hmm, my type? Artsy - They have to have a creative flair about them. Not be shy of what and who they are. Fun - If i can't have fun with you, there's no need for me to be with you. Smart - Not only intellectually, but common sense, and able to think for themselves without looking for me for confirmation. Style - There overall style, i personally am into the nerdy/"hipster trash" kinda girls myself. They just can't say $%&@ it and wear sweatpants all the time. Work - I want someone who can pay for there own things, even if i offer and usually pay all the time. I just don't like the fe
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