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  1. [quote name='Thunder Strike' timestamp='1303969467' post='2700935'] Clearly someone who knows what they're talking about. [/quote] Yes, actually I do. You know where to find me in IRC if you want me to spell it out for you in greater detail.
  2. [quote name='ShadowDragon' timestamp='1303795634' post='2699634'] Triumvirate: Delta1212 - Shadow - Thunder Strike Head of Foreign Affairs: im317 [/quote] Epic fail. So you're keeping the same gov who got you into multiple sides of the same war, and the same head of FA who !@#$%*es at people for not covering your ridiculous war footing at the expense of their other allies? Instead of "random" and "insane" I think it's more retarded and inept.
  3. [quote name='Duncan King' timestamp='1303263494' post='2694158'] See, I rooted for you when you were in the first GUN and when you did Star Fleet. I was a bit hesitant when you did Blackstone because of the timing (it was pretty quickly after Starfleet) and the name, but since I respected you from that other world where I met you, I rooted for you. However, when you quickly left Blackstone, I really started to question whether you were really as good of a leader as I'd thought. Then you dropped out of Blackstone, did UNSC, seemed to run it pretty well for awhile, causing me to be more confident in your leadership ability. But once again, you left an alliance that you created. You went one further this time, changing your name at the same time founding a new alliance right away. When people are in a lot of alliances in a short time, other people start to wonder whether that person is really a good person to depend on because they're starting to look really flaky. The same is true for people that use a lot of names. People change names to get away from their pasts and when someone has used many names, it can make even the most objective observer start to wonder what they're running away from. You may break the pattern this time and stay with GUN for more than a couple months and stay there after the new alliance glow wears off and the true reality of the work that running an alliance sets in. Which is why I think that it is probably a good thing that you're not involved with this incarnation of Star Fleet. You may prove me wrong yet. And I really hope you do because you really are too good to be as unreliable as you seem. [/quote] He just kept talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic so that no-one had a chance to interrupt; it was really quite hypnotic.
  4. [quote name='Batallion' timestamp='1303445683' post='2696248'] and transform itself into a truly respectable alliance. [/quote] So you are resigning as Emperor?
  5. [quote name='Londo Mollari' timestamp='1303449903' post='2696328'] I seem to recall a somewhat different history of our alliance. I recall a lot of good times too, but if I'm not welcome on the AA (assuming that you're not going to disband the alliance after you were advocating it so much) then I will butt out. [/quote] Was Rush advocating the disbandment of Thriller or Athens?
  6. [quote name='tamerlane' timestamp='1303398732' post='2695544'] Furthermore, given the headache that is typically involved in dealing with of their former leader, HeroofTime55, a faithless heathen who has desecrated the image of Allarchon on more than one occasion, the ulama of Mushqaeda have decided to remove his title as Lead Programmer and banish him from 64digits. [/quote] Edit: something about becoming the evil you tried to destroy, etc.
  7. Generous terms. AcTi, I recommend you accept them. o/ Thriller
  8. [quote name='Batallion' timestamp='1303190313' post='2693288'] What kind of logic is this? There are so many factors to consider, and you very well know this. [/quote] Yes, there are other factors. 1. Terrible leadership 2. No warchests (I've seen the spy reports) 3. Awful infra/tech ratio These factors, more than the NS or number of nations, is why you're crying instead of fighting. Enjoy peace mode more, coward.
  9. Strong words from a man in peace mode... U Mad???
  10. LOL Bat is in PM! What a tool! o/ THRILLAAAAAAAAA
  11. Sorry, have to pull out, I found another circle.
  12. [quote name='ZeroRemorse' timestamp='1302756142' post='2690399'] Article V: Cancellation: This treaty will be canceled upon the signing of the [b]Peloponnesian League MADP-Bloc[/b]. [/quote] Care to elaborate?
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