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  1. Confusion

    Nations in TE

    [quote name='CEO George Harris' timestamp='1327376059' post='2905957'] Not sure if we are still on the idea of motivation but possibly the idea that if one comes in the top 20 and has over 100k casualties your SE nation get 500 tech (1 round offer)? Then some nations may decide to leave but others will stay. [/quote] What's the point? We all already know who the top 20 will be...
  2. Confusion

    Nations in TE

    [quote name='paul711' timestamp='1327364070' post='2905839'] despite your idiocy a real discussion will continue. [b]Instead of offering solutions for each persons individual definition of the problem lets agree on one first. Afterwards proposals can be made to fix it.[/b] [/quote] This is what everyone has believed for rounds, under the impression a solution will just fall out of the sky. PS: It won't. We will only know through experimentation and observation.
  3. Confusion

    Nations in TE

    Oh hey guys, let's find the problem! Why didn't you say so? Good Luck with your failure goals of 2k12.
  4. Confusion

    Let's get the ball rolling, right.

    [quote name='Lord Caparo' timestamp='1327287411' post='2905170'] Argent isnt protecting GPF, Argent just wants there tech. [/quote] Argent is protecting GPF while they supply technology. Same thing, at-least that's how I interpreted it.
  5. Confusion

    Let's get the ball rolling, right.

    [quote name='Joe Stupid' timestamp='1327285840' post='2905153'] Maybe because your entire alliance was full of rejects? Why would I waste my time? [/quote] Perhaps because they were your !@#$@#$ protectorate you goddamn $%&@. RoK lost their balls a while ago, GPF. Good Luck. It's nice to see Argent stepping up.
  6. Confusion

    Nations in TE

    [quote name='paul711' timestamp='1327194381' post='2904416'] Nevertheless some AAs are beginning to or will because of it. [/quote] Some as in OP? Please get your paranoia out of this thread. PS: Not accepting new members isn't helping. I still agree with Stevie and the general 7-day peace sentiment.
  7. Confusion

    Going out on top

    Schad bcortell congrats on the retirement. I'm sure bn will do well with schad... and bc.
  8. Confusion

    Nations in TE

    [quote name='kongland' timestamp='1327156874' post='2904175'] matt, StevieG is a decent and objective person. He might have a slightly different approach to the game than I have, for example, but he's a true blue, trustworthy and consistent bloke - doesn't matter what others are saying. You may know a few people, who have double standards and mouth up and twist each situation the way it suits them. They are always good guys and those who disagree with them - bad guys; when they are discussing something - it's a serious analysis, when somebody else is doing the same with a different view - they call it whining ect.. a complete circus. Too many clowns here. I'm afraid you are getting used to those faulty standards, mate. No disrespect meant, my friend [/quote] Spot on. This is paul711 in a nutshell. I also agree with the 7 day peace at the beginning of the round, it may help give some newbies time to acquire interest in the game itself.
  9. Confusion

    Path of leaving

    holy $%&@, your new years resolution was to quit CN? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I mean... Just kidding I'm also on the same path my friend, may apathy be with us.
  10. Confusion

    The dawn of the Iron Age

    The greatest part is probably where the trend of MK backstabbing their friends continues to provide the lulz. First Polar, now Roq. Who's next? Please MK, don't betray TOP. inb4 someone doesn't realize I'm being sarcastic.
  11. Confusion

    Declaration of War

    Disregard MADP partner, Acquire oA.
  12. Confusion

    brb Rage quit

    sup le? oh, and y u mad, doe? BTW: Only 30 of our nations have 'boosted', so if you only have 26 members, then we have 30. In addition, so many other things are wrong with the OP it's not even worth trying to correct them. And when will you learn, like OP, I never forgive nor forget, nor does Stevie. Whenever you accept that whatever you do to us, we'll return the favor 10x stronger/faster/better and with a pinch of swag, then that'll be the day we'll finally live in peace.
  13. Confusion

    The Nietzsche Pact

    Please VE, don't betray GOD?
  14. Confusion

    Resetting TE Ruler Name

    get. out. edit: same here.