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  1. [quote name='lennybronx' timestamp='1327354715' post='2905728'] Honestly, Confusion. Why don't you just stop?? I'm being legit right now. Why even post this? Why don't you mind your own business and we mind ours. You say "let's just be friends" but yet you do things like this. If you really wanted to just be friends, you'd shut the $%&@ up already. You'd think he would be serious about this "let's just be friends" thing but within a month, he's just going to post something else about us. This is seriously why i hate when children play the game. [/quote] This is seriously why i hate when illiterate $%&@s play the game.
  2. [quote name='CEO George Harris' timestamp='1327376059' post='2905957'] Not sure if we are still on the idea of motivation but possibly the idea that if one comes in the top 20 and has over 100k casualties your SE nation get 500 tech (1 round offer)? Then some nations may decide to leave but others will stay. [/quote] What's the point? We all already know who the top 20 will be...
  3. [quote name='paul711' timestamp='1327364070' post='2905839'] despite your idiocy a real discussion will continue. [b]Instead of offering solutions for each persons individual definition of the problem lets agree on one first. Afterwards proposals can be made to fix it.[/b] [/quote] This is what everyone has believed for rounds, under the impression a solution will just fall out of the sky. PS: It won't. We will only know through experimentation and observation.
  4. Oh hey guys, let's find the problem! Why didn't you say so? Good Luck with your failure goals of 2k12.
  5. [quote name='Lord Caparo' timestamp='1327287411' post='2905170'] Argent isnt protecting GPF, Argent just wants there tech. [/quote] Argent is protecting GPF while they supply technology. Same thing, at-least that's how I interpreted it.
  6. [quote name='Joe Stupid' timestamp='1327285840' post='2905153'] Maybe because your entire alliance was full of rejects? Why would I waste my time? [/quote] Perhaps because they were your !@#$@#$ protectorate you goddamn $%&@. RoK lost their balls a while ago, GPF. Good Luck. It's nice to see Argent stepping up.
  7. [quote name='paul711' timestamp='1327194381' post='2904416'] Nevertheless some AAs are beginning to or will because of it. [/quote] Some as in OP? Please get your paranoia out of this thread. PS: Not accepting new members isn't helping. I still agree with Stevie and the general 7-day peace sentiment.
  8. Schad bcortell congrats on the retirement. I'm sure bn will do well with schad... and bc.
  9. [quote name='kongland' timestamp='1327156874' post='2904175'] matt, StevieG is a decent and objective person. He might have a slightly different approach to the game than I have, for example, but he's a true blue, trustworthy and consistent bloke - doesn't matter what others are saying. You may know a few people, who have double standards and mouth up and twist each situation the way it suits them. They are always good guys and those who disagree with them - bad guys; when they are discussing something - it's a serious analysis, when somebody else is doing the same with a different view - they call it whining ect.. a complete circus. Too many clowns here. I'm afraid you are getting used to those faulty standards, mate. No disrespect meant, my friend [/quote] Spot on. This is paul711 in a nutshell. I also agree with the 7 day peace at the beginning of the round, it may help give some newbies time to acquire interest in the game itself.
  10. [quote name='Thomasj_tx' timestamp='1327033399' post='2903365'] Butt hurt? How so? As to turtling during the DR downdeclare, if you had your FACTS together, you would know that I was rogued by a Syn rogue a day or two before the war and ate 5 nukes in a row fighting him. Ask him if I turtled. So let me ask you why you don't have the time any more, butt hurt because Stevie has not come to your defense? And where are those OP screen shots? I am looking forward to seeing them. Or is this just a continuation of your hollow claim from last round? Especially since your screen shot failed so badly early this round. Considering you are such a young kid, your tripe is really old. [/quote] If I needed Stevie, he'd help. Why? I guess our relationship is at levels you'll never know/experience. Do you enjoy talking out of your ass, or does it just happen? 'DR downdeclare'... In addition, I believe I already posted screenshots earlier this round, so how exactly is it just a claim? As a side note, I will do what I feel is best, when I feel is best, not because I feel the need to satisfy any of you Oh no I didn't!.
  11. [quote name='paul711' timestamp='1327031261' post='2903344'] Blah blah blah I have screenshots as well. [b]Are you sure I don't have a spy in DR?[/b] This round isn't over and you are already talking about next, have you given up already? Know this Confusion OP is not afraid of any AA you join nor are we afraid of your little threats. You are an attention whore who is trying to lash out because his mother took away his driving privelages. Please stop the tough guy act it doesn't suit you. [/quote] I'm 110% you don't have a spy in Duckroll, of this, I'm sure. I'm not talking about the next, for I won't even be around to finish the current round. Throughout my TE experience I've done everything I have wanted to do, including being both friends and enemies with everyone, esp. you. It's the only reason I've stayed thus far, political dynamics etc. On that note, I don't truly understand why you must always resort to petty insults. Please paul, get a hold of yourself. This is, afterall, a [ooc]game[/ooc]. Sometimes you forget this. Although we're foes IC and will always continue to be, I don't wish anyone harm OOC wise.
  12. [quote name='Thomasj_tx' timestamp='1327030737' post='2903337'] Con, I was asking Stevie. Is it protocol that you answer for him? Or will you allow him to answer for himself? [/quote] He can answer for himself. I'm posting the facts, buddy. Where's the protocol? Is it protocol for you to always act thus butt hurt? You even turtle'd throughout the entire OP-DR war, sad but necessary? It's truly unfortunate I don't have the type of time you have anymore, else I'd do 'something' about it. With this I depart, good luck with your #foreveralone goals of 2k12. Hugs & Kisses.
  13. [quote name='Thomasj_tx' timestamp='1327029515' post='2903322'] Stevie, if all you say is true, will you cut all ties with Con next round? Or will you open your arms, yet again, to a rogue? [/quote] Because everything should pass from round to round, right? I know this will hurt you, buddy, it really will, but if I want to re-join Duckroll, I can. You don't get it, do you? Duckroll isn't OP, they don't pretend to be friends with someone for personal gain, however, I solemnly promise by next round I'll most likely be [ooc]banned[/ooc] or at-least you better hope, because we both live by a motto that only one of us can uphold. Keeping the Spying Game up to date with OP screenies would sure be the fun way out, though especially since you guys are so sure you flushed the spy out. Don't worry, I'll keep antagonizing OP until that time comes. Until then, kisses. XOXO Signed, Yours truly, Confusion.
  14. [quote name='paul711' timestamp='1327006697' post='2903001'] Quite sure. Just more blow hard attention grabbing. Trying to make others think you know all, when in fact you are oblivious. [/quote] Do you need more screenshots?
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