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  1. Confusion

    brb Rage quit

    sup le? oh, and y u mad, doe? BTW: Only 30 of our nations have 'boosted', so if you only have 26 members, then we have 30. In addition, so many other things are wrong with the OP it's not even worth trying to correct them. And when will you learn, like OP, I never forgive nor forget, nor does Stevie. Whenever you accept that whatever you do to us, we'll return the favor 10x stronger/faster/better and with a pinch of swag, then that'll be the day we'll finally live in peace.
  2. Con just stopped by to say MEH!

  3. Confusion

    'Sup Irene.

    Some healthy choices you've got there. notsrs. Confusion.
  4. Come again? Polar got their butts spanked? Really, ROFL. How come i'm always the last one to find things out around here.
  5. D: I see you looked at me profile

  6. Oops my bad, there comes a moment when you're so tired you can barely distinguish sarcasm.
  7. Yes it's Understandble point of view, but who where the alliances to get attacked? I know your alliance is in this because of TTItD But that doesn't mean you HAVE to Demand Reps from them, it just doesn't look good. Everyone in this war has had great damages, but isn't this the point of the game. Building your nation, getting f'ed up in war, then rebuidling and so the cycle continue's.
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