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  1. Caliph

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    So this is what all the fuss is about. Interesting.
  2. You say that like its a bad thing
  3. Caliph

    Who's left

    We had our reasons, but meh. Ancient history at this point.
  4. Caliph

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    I return. GW2 was my first war here, but I go by Caliph now. Sup?
  5. Caliph

    Make DoW's Great Again

  6. That has not been my experience. As you lose NS you first lose your infra, then your tech. Once your tech gets to a certain level your damage is the default damage for attacks, unless you tech deal or rebuy tech periodically. What you can do is harass the lower tier because you would most likely have full wonders and be expeirenced. You could also rebuy infra as needed to win GA's. The damage you do might require some to need aid packages instead of being able to to tech deals, but I just don't see the tech deal disruption. Perhaps as more and more AA's get crushed into the small tiers and stubbornly refuse peace we might see more of that, but not right now.
  7. There comes a point when the nations attacking us do not do considerable damage and the damage can be mitigated or repaired in full with an aid package. So while you can fight for a year or more your damage output will eventually get diminished.
  8. Caliph

    To Camelot!

    Absolutely necessary and valid responce to someone aiding our enemies. Go casualties!
  9. SPATR and Mongols have the cash and desire to fight, so they continue to fight. If their will to fight outlasts their opponents will tofight, than they will gain more favorable terms. Though just admitting defeat isn't that bad of a term, I come from an era of "draconian reps" and harsh terms. Now anything more than a white peace with an admission of defeat is considered too harsh. Regardin this war, theres not much less lenient terms that can be made, but war will continue until both sides agree to peace.
  10. They went from the largest nations to the smallest, they are in it for the principle of it now. And some do have the cash to keep on fighting for years to come. Its cheap not havnig to worry about building your nation.
  11. Caliph

    One Last Time...

    Cool, more people.
  12. Caliph


    welcome to war