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  1. Caliph

    The dragon is dead!

    Congrats. Bu you got to keep on top of it, my dad had surgery to remove it, they thought they got it all but after testing again 4 months later they found it. Keep on top of it and remain positive.
  2. Caliph

    The 'C' word

    As someone whose aunt and father both have cancer, keep on fighting. Don't give up and maintain a positive attitude the best you can. Hope everything turns out for the best for you
  3. oh wow, great. would read again, 10/10
  4. Caliph

    Might Makes Right?

    Might doesn't make right, might makes what is. Some people think that is right, others do not. Wars happen for various reasons, this being one of them. Its happened since 2006 here, what makes you think its any difference now? I remember reading about how NPO and the WUT was "might makes right", how they could never be defeated. 2007 came around and the WUT was shattered. Continuum was smashed in Karma, and the cycle of gathering enough strength to smash other alliances continues to this day. Its nothing new, and most alliances who are old enough have been on both sides of such events. Really, this "debate" on Might makes Right is one of the oldest here. it isn't new or edgy, its old and many peoples opinions are swayed depending on which side they are on the current war where the "might" side is fighting the "right" side.
  5. I won't say the Winter Soldier was better than the Dark Knight, but it was one of my favorite Marvel movies. Definately recommend seeing it, I've seen it twice and thought I got my money's worth each time.
  6. So what you are saying is we need a boy/girl pair from each alliance?
  7. That doesn't mean he was a member, it just means he had an account. I remember that night and he very clearly said he never was a \m/ember in OG \m/.
  8. Who is "you morons"? I know I wasn't the most active back in the day, but we never once discussed warring against NPO in the gov chan when I was there and never once mentioned it seriously on the forums in the gov area. I logged in that night and found out by reading our DOW that we were at war with NPO. The decision that night was made with such quickness. I don't disagree that some in \m/ wanted to attack NPO, but I do not recall the gov ever speaking of "hey lets join in and roll NPO" until right after the DOW was posted. To clarify, I wasn't necessarily apposed to war with NPO then, but we never once talked about as gov. For my part I was tired of logging in and finding we did some policy that I don't remember anyone discussing on the forums or on irc and have to defend it like I knew wtf was going on. Anyway, it happened. I was done with sweeping in and finding out things about my alliance from the OWF instead of from our gov forums.
  9. What does this have to do with the Proxy War idea of this blog?
  10. The proxies, sure, but not those who actually have beef with each other. I don't think its very satisfying to not war with my enemy for 2 years without actively trying to war them. The proxy war idea could be useful in peace time to get more wars, but in a situation where there are two sides, like this war, I don't think proxy wars are a viable alternative to hot war directly between the two sides. Neither Umbrella nor AI would feel at all satisfied if there was a proxy war, and waiting 2 years (while proxy wars are being fought off and on) is a long time to avoid attacking your enemy. It might aleviate some tension, and it might work in some circumstances, but this war is one of the rarer type of wars where 2 coalitions wanted to brawl it out and tension has built to where they now are brawling it out.
  11. I don't think a cold war for 2 years and thus a global war every 2 years is a wanted alternative to 1-2 global wars per year. If anything I'd be more supportive of more wars, not less.
  12. No, I don't think that will work. Part of the buildup is people in both alliances/coalitions building a desire to attack the other for whatever reason their side is using to denounce the other with. The reason wars are so costly now is because the destruction is just ridiculous with the advent of WRC's doubling damage modifiers and high tech nations. The length of wars also contribute to this, with a lot of alliances keeping enough cash on hand to fight for at least a month (longer for a lot of alliances, much longer for a few of alliances, ridiculously long for a minority of nations in alliances). Part of the fun is warring after the cold war, turning the cold war hot. While it might be interesting to see 2 sides/alliances fighting a proxy war through 2 other alliances and funding them, I don't think it would be a satisfying conclusion to a cold war. It might aleviate the boredom during the cold war, an "olypmic games" style event, but not something that should replace the inevitable war.
  13. Caliph

    War Stories

    96k ns to around 20k last war. Was at 9500 infra 8500 or so tech, and by wars end was rebuying up to 1k infra per day and was reduced to around 2000 tech.
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