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  1. Clash

    A Secret Spartan Emerges

    A BEazy sighting!   It's kind of like spotting bigfoot these days. The footprints are probably fake, fur samples are ambigous, any pictures are blurry and it's most likely just some clown in a gorilla suit anyways.   That said, I have friends in both alliances so best of luck to both alliances :)
  2. Communism > Facism!   (^^Hilarious considering NoR isn't fascist and Int really isn't very communist - <ooc>regardless of what you roleplay, EVERY alliance in the game is capitalist if they do tech deals :P </ooc>)     It could have ended earlier if they had accepted earlier what they ended up accepting anyways. Oh how dare they admit the truth, right? No one to blame but themselves on that accord. All I'm saying is that there's no way either alliance ever had a chance to win this war, the odds were just too hard stacked against them. There is no shame in admitting defeat under those circumstances as there is not an alliance in existance who could have done better under the extreme conditions they were faced with.   Anyways, shouts out to Vestmark and Melos, the only two nations I got to war against. Both are pretty good dudes and I wish them absolutely nothing but the best in the future. They fought hard and well, and Vestmark in particular fought VERY hard, considering he was help at war for about three full months. I also remember speaking with a NoR guy who came to our forums, and he was a good guy too, I just don't remember his name and I'm too lazy/busy to go look right now lol    o7 Nor! o7 NG!   Finally a HUGE shout out to our allies, I had a great time working with the VE guys I fought alongside and expecially Mr. Gross of DoD, who was a top quality guy to have on my side. All were very cooperative in coordination, and I could not have asked for better war partners.   o7 VE! o7 DoD!   o7 INT!
  3. Clash

    CN Hungry Games

      Two nations enter - one nation leaves! /obligatory mad max reference   Sounds like fun though :)
  4. Clash

    Indignados DoE

      This is important information I was not in the possession of!     World-loving? Let's not get all crazy-talkin' now. Nobody likes everybody, and some of those who say they like everybody, are liked by nobody.
  5. Clash

    Indignados DoE

      I cannot argue with such impeccable logic!
  6. Clash

    Indignados DoE

    Kind of ironic considering in the post you quoted Sabcat apparently confused Krashnia with La Marx. Krashnia is of course is in M16 and therefore not a commie.   Ah yes, conservatives are such confused hillbillies :awesome:
  7. Clash

    Indignados DoE

      I'm going out on a limb here and saying he's just messing with everyone lol   Having joined Int during the time since the last Int war, when i joined I had no idea how deep and dark the state of relations between Nordriech and The Int was. This war went back for years in the making, with Int having a constant full jones on for Nordreich's blood. The vote (and Int has also got to the most democratic alliance there is, we vote on &54#@ EVERYTHING) was like 95% for war and it didn't matter what the stats said.   ...so how hilarious is it that, what does the near-impossible and unifies Int and NoR together, is agreeing that La Marx's economic theories are a few tacos short of a combo plate. I love Mexican food as much as the next guy, but people want everything they pay for, so don't skimp 'em on the guacamole either.   Hey La Marx, what's up with aiding the NPO guy $6 mil and 100 tech? :awesome:
  8. Clash

    Indignados DoE

      So you're refusing to comment on the actual points, instead replying with red herrings and outright lies? Brilliant!   If they had someone out of PM in my range, I'd be at war with them. Actually 98% think La Marx is silly - him and the idiot speaking up for him (you) are the 2% they're laughing at.   1. Why should anyone care about a fascist theocratic dictator's stupid opinion of democratic communists? Historically speaking, you don't look so good. 2. Int is ending the year on a wonderful note :D 3. You're siding with the guy who wants 12mil/100 tech deals. So put your money where your keyboard is, get your fascist theocratic ass in gear and start tech deals with him.   Try again, son.
  9. Clash

    Indignados DoE

        Yeahhh oversimplification is a common mistake among simple minds. There's a lot more factors involved than just the the damage stats from in game, which are heavily biased towards who does the nuking. BT made some good points. Others are that they have many more MPs and WRCs than Int does, and started these wars with about a 17k average NS advantage over Int, which included much more tech, which does much more damage etc. etc.. Plus the war stats are based on how many slots an alliance has available and we sometimes have to wait in line to get slots on Nordreich.   Most importantly, way to dodge the main points: 1. Why should anyone care about a fascist theocratic dictator's stupid opinion of democratic communists? Historically speaking, you don't look so good. 2. Int is ending the year on a wonderful note :D 3. You're siding with the guy who wants 12mil/100 tech deals. So put your money where your keyboard is, get your fascist theocratic ass in gear and start tech deals with him.   Any comments on those, stooge? Or shall I write them for you?
  10. Clash

    Indignados DoE

      Actually, the International is ending this year beating the crap out of an alliance they've owed a war to for several years. That's more than just a high note, I'd call that the left getting righteous. Furthermore, some quick research on the alliance you used to lead (CoJ), shows it to have been a fascist theocracy. So why should anyone care about a fascist theocratic dictator's stupid opinion of democratic communists? How about the next time you want to have an opinion, I'll just tell it to you. That'll save everyone's time.
  11. Clash

    Indignados DoE

    The International's front of the war started on November 8th, and it's now December 24th, so that's 46 days ago. Since we saw this coming and have a little ways to go, I'm going to round it off to 5 aid cycles. During these 5 aid cycles, my aid slots have been used for war aid as soon as they come open and I have 6 of them. So that's 30m total aid slots, more or less.   They've been split approximately even between $9 million and $6 million, plus 2/3rds have had soldiers. So: (15 x 9 = 135) + (15 x 6 = 90) = $225 million.   Furthermore, I expect to pay out rebuilding aid to my comrades for at least the next two/three months. I've already volunteered to help all nations with FACs, so let's approximate again: 8 aid cycles x 6 aid slots x $9 million = $432 million.   $225 million + $423 million = $648 million. Now, according to La Marx: $648 million / $12 million = 5,400 tech.   I CLAIM LA MARX'S TECH UNION SHALL OWE ME 5,400 TECH. That's just math, gdi.   -------   On one side: La Marx, admitted n00b On the other side; EVERYONE ELSE (except Schattenmann)   La Marx bro, when everyone who knows anything is arguing against someone who knows nothing, it just don't look so good for you. Y'know bro? I'm just saying that while you write well, maybe you gotta put a lil more research into what you're writing about. When everyone who knows anything is saying you ain't right, maybe they are.
  12. I heart you too! Thanks for the geekworthy statlove.   That is just crazy times right there, nearly double what the next best nation did.   Waycool, you could have won $600 million+ playing Mega millions. Instead you blew all your luck on a Cybernations alliance war :awesome:
  13. In hockey and a few other sports there's a stat called the plus/minus, which refers to how many goals were scored by your team against how many goals your opponents scored on you during the time you were on the ice during game play. I've seen this in basketball box scores now too on some sites.   Can I get plus/minus summaries for:   Number of Times Your Nation was Nuked vs Number of Times Your Nation Nuked an Enemy   and   Nukes Thwarted by Your Nation's SDI vs Nukes Blocked by Enemy SDI   I'm exactly stats nerd enough to ask, thanks :D  
  14. Clash

    The Casualties Race!

    Oh sure, no one can be bothered to nuke Clash before the end of the round. That was half-assed Hal, you lazy slacker.   Number of Soldiers Lost in All Wars: 190,555 Attacking + 355,405 Defending = 545,960 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #14 of 487 Nations (2.87%)   I was half-assed all round long, and you clowns still let me finish 14th?
  15. Clash

    TPF/STA Peace

    Questions posed.   In the DoW thread it seemed STA was mad at Polar for not trying hard enough on STA's behalf to keep this gangbang from happening. Think I got that right, but it's been a while.   At any rate, asked of STA members: Is STA still mad? Or does Polar helping broker peace help some?