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  1. Ciardhubh

    Who's left

    What actual alliances are still left in cybernations? i.e. with an active forum and irc channel? (Not just an AA in-game and nothing else)
  2. Ciardhubh

    Geneva Confrence For Cyber Nations

    No withering put-downs? Cybernations really has become apathetic. I'll bite, just in case you're new and not just being ironic. It'll never work. The alliances in power have no motivation to agree to anything which restricts their ability to hurt the alliances that are not in power and besides, holding the attention of the leaders of the top 75 alliances long enough to agree to anything would have been an impossible task even during cybernations heyday. I like that you're trying though
  3. Hi, Returning player looking for Black Trade Circle. Can change resources. Just let me know Also, open for tech deals.