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  1. Oh what fun this thread is turning out to be. Thanks for joining in guys!
  2. Its most definitely summertime.. yay!!! Goodluck RnR!
  3. Congrats TIO!!!! And Rogal you cant give away Skippy.
  4. Happy Birthday GATO!!!! You were my first home and my longest home and even when I'm not at home, we still keep in touch. you guys!
  5. [quote name='Scorponok' timestamp='1317255419' post='2810573'] Expected ages ago. Congratulations to my friends in GATO. May this new path bring you the success you desire. <3 Kubla. <3 Lizzy [/quote] Thanks Scorp, I'm glad GATO could come join me in TLR and all the fun with CnG. GATO
  6. Congrats GATO! Don't let the new gov burn the place down. <3
  7. Interesting move guys. I haven't been paying too much attention lately, so this came as a shock. Regardless good luck to NpO and IAA in whatever paths they are leading. As for all the nonsense going on in this thread, it isn't surprising in the least, yet still disappointing that people can turn a simple cancellation into such a fiasco. IAA
  8. [quote name='Skippy' timestamp='1309876498' post='2749346'] Another solid lineup, but there's a severe lack of Kubla and Lizzy in that gov list :(Also, Dre4mwe4ver [/quote] [quote name='Rush Sykes' timestamp='1309895912' post='2749597'] What a horrible lineup. I am disgusted with the lack of Lizzy in government. /me stammers away [/quote] Thanks guys, but I kinda decided I needed a month or so off. We'll see what happens. I'm sure GATO will do just fine with me not in gov for a bit.
  9. Its good to finally see this announced. I look forward to getting to know everyone in tLR and am glad that we were able to keep you as allies. Rush Goodluck Guys!
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